Best UK Slot Sites Online 2019

Hello and welcome to your guide for all the best online slot sites in the UK. We have one passion at this site and that is finding and playing the best online slots at the UK’s best slot sites. Every single slot or casino site that you see us recommend has been independently reviewed by myself which means that you will only find the best of the best here.

Top Recommended Slot Sites List

Why play slots over table games?

Each game has their ups and downs its just the way casino games work. There is no perfect game that you will play. However there are some great things about playing online slots that table games like roulette and blackjack don’t have:

Slot games are customisable, every new slot game is different with new themes, bright colours, cool features like free spins bonuses some slots even have bonus rounds which add to the excitement. Unfortunately with Table Games they aren’t very flexible when it comes to adding a new feature, sure you can change the colour of the table and the chips but they can’t really add bonus rounds into the game to make it more interesting. This means that video slots are a lot more enjoyable to play and don’t have the serious side that table games do.

Video slots are inherently more fun than table games, with all the additional features that you can take advantage to from free spins to bonus multipliers no slot games is ever the same as the other one, while the basic mechanics are still similar there is always that something extra which makes it diverse.

Online slots provide much bigger winnings than a table game would, while with some table games you have more chance in winning such as betting on black/red on roulette (50/50 chance) you have the ability to win much larger amounts of cash from slot games such as if you get into the bonus rounds and activate free spins bonuses its actually possible to win millions from a little 10p spin.

This brings me onto the next point, slot machines all have their own jackpot to be won this is what truly diversifies them from roulette and blackjack. There are some slots that have something called a progressive jackpot, now these are all linked to a selection of slot websites and sometimes you can see jackpots over millions of £’s. In fact there have been customers who have won these in the past just from a £10 deposit. You need to play to win so move on from those boring run of the mill roulette tables and play something with a bit of spice to it.

Best Types of Slots Available to Play

There are two types of slots available at casino slot sites, these are 3-reel classic slots and the more modern 5-reel HD video slots:

5-Reel Slots: 

Three reel slots are exactly that, a slot machine that has only 3 reels on it. These are typical to see when you go into a land based casino like you see in Las Vegas and have a more classic authentic feel to them. They do lack in features as there isn’t much flexibility when it comes to three reels and they are more just a spin and see kind of game. But if you want the real life experience then these are a great game to play.

5-Reel HD Video Slots: 

Five reel slots are a more modern invention where instead of having 3 reels to spin you have 5. A lot of these are down with high quality graphics which are enticing to customers as they are very aesthetically pleasing on the eye. The great thing about Video Slots is that they have much more flexibility when it comes to what features are available such as free spins bonuses, jackpots and more.

Here we tend to find the five reel HD Video Slots more entertaining as they just have more about them but we will be reviewing both of them as we know its down to personal opinion what games people enjoy.

What Types of Slot Sites Bonus should I look out for?

There are plenty of bonuses that are up for grabs from slot sites UK, ranging from no deposit bonuses, free spins and deposit bonuses. Which bonus you want to claim is completely down to your play style. We advise that if you’re trying out a new site for the first time then you will want to claim a no deposit slots bonus or if you’re on a mobile phone check out our mobile no deposit bonuses these will give you a chance to test out the casino before you plan on committing any money to it.

However if you’ve read one of our reviews and your mind is already made up then you should definitely be claiming yourself a deposit match bonus, this is where the casino will multiply your original deposit by a certain amount in some cases you can get up 5x the original deposit. These types of casino bonuses are for serious casino players only and can be a great way to add some additional money to your casino account giving you a better chance of winning more and playing longer than ever before.

Free spins are also a great bonus, the difference between this and a no deposit bonus is that you will actually get more go’s on a slot however they aren’t worth very much in terms of monetary value generally between 1p – 10p a spin but don’t let that put you off as with the majority of these bonuses you will also be able to claim the deposit bonus that the slot website has on offer.

We put a lot of thought when it comes into reviewing our sites, we generally spend a few days navigating around the casino ensuring that it can be played by both newbies to the casino world and experiences ones. Finding the right slots sites is incredibly important, its easy to find an online slot that you enjoy playing but believe me its a lot harder to find an online casino that you enjoy playing at especially if you go on a losing streak which happens to everyone. Thats why you need to find a fair and reliable slots site to play at.

How we review each site:

On each site that you see above we will review in detail all of the factors that we take into consideration which we will explain below:

Best Slot Sites UK Overview: 

In this section we will be looking at the slot sites as a whole think when did it start, how many customers, how long its been operating for and what unique selling points each online slots sites have.

User Interface: 

In this section we will be looking at how easy it is to navigate on the sites, we want it to be easy for anyone to do these sites should be pick up and play, meaning that no matter how experienced you are with slot sites you won’t get stuck trying to find your favourite game.


Here we will be taking a look at what software the casino uses, a lot of sites tend to borrow from multiple different providers in order to provide their customers with a wide selection of games. At the end of the day customers like variety and any casino worth their salt will know this. Also we will be looking at whether the slot website is a download only or if you will be able to play it straight from your browser (fortunately as technology advances more and more online UK slot sites are moving towards flash games meaning that you will no longer need to download the clunky software programs to your desktop or mobile).


Each casino has a different focus there are some out there which are more inclined to offer table games to their customers, some have a larger array of video slots and others have a more classic feel to them.

Live Casino: 

Some people are looking for a casino that offers a real life experience, these are becoming more popular nowadays as customers are enjoying the whole chat feature which allows you to talk to both the croupiers and your fellow slots players. In this section we will look at the features of the online casino and what casino games they allow you to play. Some sites in the UK will even provide slots tournaments that allows you to play with out people in a competition where the winner gets a grand prize.


This is what gets every new players interest, what bonuses are going to be on offer when you first sign up and what will I get as an existing customer. Here we will be looking at the welcome bonuses that are on offer and whether its a package or just a straight up bonus as well as any terms and conditions that you need to adhere by. Then we will take a look at the existing customer promotions such as free spins, cash back and reload bonuses.

VIP Program: 

The majority of top slot sites have their own VIP program that will allow customers to manoeuvre their way up a table and as they progress further the more they will get in bonuses/rewards. We will take a look at how the VIP program is structured and how easy it is to progress on to the next level.

Customer Support: 

Everyone gets into a bit of a bother at some point in their gambling lives, unfortunately it can’t be helped. Thats why we take a look at the customer support that is on offer and find out what methods are on offers, whether or not its 24 hours and how quick they are to respond along with our advice on which we found to be the quickest and most efficient method.

Payment/Withdrawal Methods: 

Each site is different with what methods they will accept and which ones they don’t accept. Fortunately the slot sites on this list all accept the major credit and debit cards and all other banking methods however we will take a look at every method that is currently available should you prefer the more niche payment methods.

Can You Really Find The Perfect Slot Website to play slots at?

In short no you probably will never be able to find the perfect casino, our emotions come into it far too much especially if we end up on a losing run. But what you can find is a great casino to play at, one that provides you with enticing promotions and a great selection of games for you to play on.

Always Remember: Gamble Responsibly

One thing you always need to keeping mind when you’re playing at your favourite sites is to gamble responsibly. There are a few ways that you can do this:

  1. Never drink and gamble, this should be the cardinal rule when it comes to gambling in any form whether you’re on a slots game or betting on sports. After a few drinks you will start to make silly decisions so always stay sober if you’re going to gamble.
  2. Don’t involve your emotions, if you unfortunately end up on a losing streak which happens to everyone and as soon as you let your emotions get involved and you try to recoup losses you’ll just end up losing more. Set a budget before you begin if you run out of your allocated money then that is your time to stop.

Just remember to enjoy yourselves guys and girls, slots are designed to be fun but there are always danger when betting with real money.