Best New Betting Sites

Top-rated online bookies have the constant task of staying up to date when it comes to providing competitive odds, bonuses and betting features for their players, which is often a difficult process. By creating an online betting platform that has all these key attributes is something that puts the best sportsbooks ahead of the rest. At Choice Casinos, we’ve created a guide which you can follow and use to help you decide which of the new betting sites best fits your criteria and we’ve included everything from the different software you’ll encounter, to the tools and features.

A common misconception is that the more established brand of sportsbooks, which have been around for longer, provide players with a better betting experience overall. This is often not the case as newer betting sites are competing when it comes down to their odds and promotions, giving you a more rounded platform with plenty of diversity. Newer betting sites will often use some of the most cutting-edge software and technology, which makes navigating their site silky smooth and slick. Betting sites that have been around for a time-frame are often less likely to change, as they’ve been doing things their way for such a long period of time.

This is great news for our players who’re looking for change or somewhere new to play, as our team has formulated some of the key points which you can look for when joining a new site and what to avoid. For a comprehensive guide on finding new betting sites 2019, read on for all our answers on the latest trends and unmissable features!

Where to look for brand new bookmakers online

Google has revolutionised how we search for and receive data online. Almost every question and answer we could require has almost certainly been asked and answered before on the internet but there is a down side to asking search engines for new UK betting sites. Typically, you’ll only be pointed towards sites that have already acquired credibility and this makes locating newer betting companies more difficult through this method. The main reason for this is because search engines online use an algorithm which will usually display previously established sites first.

The other problem you’ll encounter is that you’ll often be shown betting sites who pay to have their position in the top spot. This is fine most of the time, but it has happened before where a site has landed at the top of the search results which hasn’t earnt its place there. Another downside to using search engines is that it’s a time-consuming process which means you’d spend more time looking and less time gambling.

Here’s where we step in. Our experts have inspected the best new sportsbooks and online casinos to make sure they are worth recommending to our readers. Our list of gambling sites continues to grow by the day and we use some core variables to make sure that they meet our high standards. These could be anything from the odds & prices, markets available, site speed and the overall user experience.

Choosing a brand new UK betting site

The key when looking for a brand new bookmaker is to understand the various features that are accessible to you. Lots of sites will give you a fantastic digital betting experience which is highly convenient but finding these new bookies and then comparing them by yourself is a difficult task to do. This is why we’ve simplified the process and ranked the best UK betting sites based on the everything from the welcome bonus to payment methods, odds, bonuses and promotions, customer support and much more. Players should refrain from signing up from just signing up to any old online bookie, as there’re some decisive factors to consider, especially when gauging whether a new site is worth your time or not.

Licensing & Regulation

Whether it’s a brand-new betting site or one that has been around for years, the legality of the site is one of the first things we look out for. All players must make ensure that the UK sports betting site holds the correct licensing for their own protection. Once you can be certain that the site you’re looking for is fully UK licensed and credible, you can then proceed to inspecting the site to see what other features they offer and whether they fall in line with what you’re seeking. We recommend that you don’t join a site that hasn’t been audited or sanctioned by regulators within the United Kingdom or similar jurisdictions.

Software & Interface

Looking for the right betting site in the UK means finding one that uses fantastic software to improve the overall experience provided. New betting sites are far more likely to use the most current software the industry has available, which in turn creates a site that is simple and accessible. This doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard all established bookmakers online, but the chances are that if you’re looking for a new site in the UK, you’ve already eyed up the competition.

Player Experience

Just because you’re looking for is new, doesn’t mean that you need flashy, over the top animations or a space age design. These can often overcomplicate things and make finding what you’re looking for a more difficult task. Sometimes less is more and minimalistic layouts that use quality software and make good use of space on the page is all we look for, from betting sites UK. Mobile betting is one of the most common methods of sports betting nowadays and online betting sites are aware of this. If mobile betting is something on your list of things to look out for, you should make sure that the new site that you’re looking for offers this. When in-play betting from your mobile you’ll be amazed at how simple and effective this feature can be and being able to do horse racing betting on the go is very appealing.

Odds & Markets Available

Market coverage is easily one of the most deciding features when online betting and by picking a credible UK sports betting site, you are more likely to find the markets you are looking for. Some brand new betting sites will offer better odds than others and we’ve evaluated the best odds from betting websites and put them into an easily interpretable format for you to choose from. When looking at the betting markets, you’ll first have to know what kind of sports you’ll be following. Whether you plan on following and making bets on horse races, the Premier League or participating in tennis betting, this is entirely up to you and all these are commonly provided by UK licensed sites.

Bonuses and Promotions

A highly important factor when choosing from new online betting sites is what sort of welcome bonus or existing promotions, they have available. Some sportsbooks like to offer their players a deposit bonus which takes effect when you’ve signed up and made the min deposit into your account. The bonus money can then be used towards making future bets, just be aware of the wagering required T&Cs need to be met before withdrawing winnings. Price boosts and enhanced odds are a typical promotion you’re likely to find at a sportsbook. These could be as a welcome bonus or sometimes offered weekly or for big games.

Another signup bonus a player will encounter are risk free bets. These work by making the risk free bets on a certain sport or market and if the bet was to lose, you’ll receive your stake back (up to a certain amount) in free bets.

Bonus amounts and types vary from different online bookmaking sites. They come in all shapes and sizes and could be anything from best odds guaranteed on a sporting market to an all-out deposit bonus. If the new betting site has an online casino, they’ll often have a casino bonus for you to claim, which is worth checking out if you feel like you’ll be playing casino games. Remember that T&C apply and often is the case that a qualifying bet is required.


With the internet revolutionising online gambling, we saw not only a massive increase of casinos, live casinos and betting sites but different payment methods that you can use to add/withdraw funds. This could be anything from credit cards or debit cards to bank transfers and surprising number of e-wallets. If you’re specifically looking to claim a betting bonus, you might want to look at using banking methods, as lots of online gambling sites won’t accept e-wallets towards match deposit bonuses or welcome offers. Once you’ve claimed the bonus, you’ll then be able to make subsequent deposits through the various payment methods they accept.

Security & Fairness

Choosing a new sportsbook that is both safe and secure is one of the highest priorities that a player should have. Because of this, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the betting companies we recommend are all above board and are regularly audited by governing bodies in the United Kingdom or other relevant jurisdictions. Players must also ensure that they participate in responsible gambling whenever betting both online or at a high-street bookmaker.

The Latest Features will you find at Online Betting Sites

Staying up to date within the industry is crucial for both the player and online bookies as it gives you more chance of using the latest betting technology, for instance watching streams for some of the sporting events you’re following or live betting on. For the betting sites it means that they are more likely to retain you as a customer and provide best odds guaranteed across a plethora of markets.

Virtual Sports

It might not be as exhilarating as real football betting or tennis betting but betting on virtual sports still appeals to plenty of players and if you were to miss out on betting on a specific sport or match, you can still have the chance to do so. More and more betting sites are accepting bets on virtual markets and it lets you truly sample horse racing betting from anywhere in the world at a time that’s convenient for you. The races and matches happen far more frequently, meaning that the virtual sports betting reaches a far wider audience, if that’s something you’re into.

Virtual matches and races are essentially simulators using technology that you’ll have seen before in games like FIFA in a matchup of AI vs AI and these games are ran on RNG software to ensure that they’re fair and random.


Nearly everyone has a favourite sport that they enjoy and, therefore, is why sports betting is so popular, because it takes the experience to the next level. Streaming sports takes it up another notch as it enables you to closely follow your favourite games, teams and matches and make more educated bets based on how the game, competition or race is going. Sporting events like football matches are less likely to be streamed as they are protected by broadcasting companies but plenty of races and other sports are fair game, which allow players to create their own betting strategies based on what they are watching and how the team they are interested in is performing.

Mobile Applications

We mentioned above that mobile betting is another aspect that has revolutionised how we bet on sports and it began with mobile apps which were simultaneously released around the same time as smartphones and tablets. Practically all sports betting sites now will have mobile options available for you and you can simply visit the site from your phone or device. Some new betting sites have taken this even further by providing their players with an app they can download which loads faster than you’d otherwise experience from just visiting the website from your portable device.

Players who decide to use a mobile betting apps can receive a number of exciting features, ranging from odds comparisons, seamless live streaming from your tablet or phone and much more.