Online Bingo in 2019

Bingo is one of the oldest games out there and has been a social activity of everyone and their grandma’s for as long as you can remember. At one point in the United Kingdom there were bingo halls in all corners of the UK and these days this number has dropped drastically. The number started decreasing in 2005 where there were approximately 600 bingo halls left and in January 2014 there was a reported number of just 400 remaining. Arguably this was affected by the huge popularity increase of online casino sites. Nowadays many players have now turned to sites where they can enjoy online bingo from the comfort of their own homes and it is still one of the most popular ways of enjoying the game to this day.

The most popular type of bingo played within the United Kingdom is 90-ball, as opposed to the US version which is 75-ball. The origins of bingo are traced back to the 1920’s it wasn’t until 1942 that a patent for the game we know and play today was filed for.

How the game works

Traditionally bingo would have a designated caller who would call out the ball numbers as they are drawn. This isn’t necessary with online bingo and instead, the ball numbers will just flash up on screen as they’re drawn. Players are given a bingo ticket, which looks almost identical to the generic tickets they had out at land-based bingo halls. Balls will then either be drawn with an animation on the screen or it will be clearly displayed after the bingo site’s RNG software determines which number is drawn.

90-Ball Bingo:

The typical bingo ticket will contact 27 spaces and is spread across 3 vertical rows and 9 horizontal columns. Each of the rows has 5 numbers printed in the columns and 4 blank spaces. This can technically vary from site to site but is the most common format that you’ll find. If you buy a full strip of tickets online, this will ensure that you’ll have a number each time one is called, making up everything from 1-90.

75-Ball Bingo:

This is one of the most common types of online bingo played. The reason for this is because the games don’t last as long, but you still get all the excitement that you’d find whilst playing a 90-ball bingo game. 75-ball is more commonly played in North America and the tickets are designed slightly differently. The tickets for a 75-ball bingo game consist of a 5×5 grid where all of the spaces are filled with a number, except for the middle one which is labelled “free”.

The winning conditions in 75-ball bingo are practically endless and one you’ve created a winning pattern, the game will conclude and tell you who’s won and how much they received.

30-Ball Bingo:

If exciting online bingo games is what you seek, 30-ball is up there with the most thrilling of them all. If you’re a fan of both the popular English 90-ball variant and the American 75-ball, 30-ball incorporates the best of both worlds with this exciting game. 30-ball bingo is commonly referred to as speed bingo, as the games are shorter but just as fun.

There’s only one way to win at 30-ball and the tickets only consist of 3 rows and 3 columns and a total of 9 numbers. As the balls are called, you’ll need to mark them off the 3×3 card. If you’ve not played online bingo before, this is a very approachable variant that allows amateur players pick up the rules easily.

40-Ball Bingo:

This is another common way of enjoying one of Britain’s favourite online gambling games and 40-ball bingo is a quick, exciting and popular version of bingo that is incredibly accessible to all types of players, new or old.

The tickets for 40-ball bingo are made up of 8 spaces, spread across 4 columns and 2 rows, similar to 90-ball bingo. One key difference between 40-ball and 90-ball tickets is that 90-ball tickets have blank spaces left, these are filled in the 40-ball variant. As the name suggests, 40-ball is played with 40 balls which are then drawn at random and since there’s only one way to win, the games are much quicker and the downtime between games is relatively short.

Bingo Sites:

With bingo being so popular amongst players in the United Kingdom, it’s no surprise that plenty of online gambling sites are now providing their players with the option of playing online bingo. The first online bingo game is estimated to have been played back in 1996. The games are played with by using a random number generator to keep everything fair. Bingo sites have progressed to using a feature referred to as “auto-daub” this is selectable and will mark of the numbers as they are drawn. This makes the process a lot easier, especially if you’re playing with more than one ticket.

Bingo sites or casino sites that offer online bingo will often promote some of the best casino games for their players to enjoy in between rounds. This means that you can play online slots, video poker, roulette or blackjack during the downtime. These games are entirely optional but are a fun addition to the bingo site’s toolkit and have been well received amongst players.

You’ll often find that online bingo sites will offer players bonuses which they can claim upon membership. Bingo bonuses vary in shapes and sizes, depending on which site you play at. The best bingo sites will offer the biggest bonuses, and this could be anything from a few free bingo tickets, to massive match deposit offers worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds.

Additional Information:

Bingo is still considered gambling, although it is predominantly referred to as being a lottery game. This means that responsible gaming is a high priority and that you should never deposit more than you can afford.