Best US Online Casinos for 2019

2006 saw a massive hit to online gambling in the USA and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act (UIGA), as it meant that most players within the US were unable to access their favourite US online casinos. However, there are options available and it’s our job at Choice Casinos to show our American audience how they can access some of the best online casinos in the US.

All of the casino sites we provide have been inspected by our experienced team and accept transactions from the players based in America.

Best US Casinos:

30 Free Spins
Up to $4050 Match Bonus
400% Match Bonus
No Deposit Bonus
Up to $4000
$6000 Bitcoin Bonus

About our online casino USA reviews

Americans are fortunate with the fact that they have two massive gambling meccas to choose from. These being Atlantic City and Las Vegas which all being popular destinations for casino lovers not only in the US, but all over the world and millions of players flock to enjoy what these hubs for gambling have to offer. Although, this isn’t convenient for many players in the USA as it means taking time off work and a vacation which costs more money in the long run. This is why internet gambling has become so popular and now the best US online casinos are even providing their customers with deposit bonuses which players can redeem and use to play some of their favourite real money slots.

All of our reviews of casinos online USA have been handpicked and meet our high standards, so you’ll know from the very beginning that you’re experiencing some of the top online casinos that the internet has to offer. Despite the UIGA law that was introduced in 2006, the internet is still a huge hub and there are plenty of casinos for US players around for you to use and try your hand at gambling games, video slots, video poker and progressive jackpots.

Not all casinos are worth writing home about, however, and this is where we step in. We have some rigorous and thorough auditing techniques which we apply to all the American online casinos. This way, we can come up with a list of recommended casinos that is tailored to your own unique needs and requirements. Below are our specific testing methods that we apply to each and every online casino in the USA on our list.

Welcome Bonus:

Internet casinos can be much more beneficial to play at than land-based casinos because they have a range of signup offers and casinos bonuses which you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a deposit bonus or free spins that you can start use on your favourite real money slots right away. We advise all our readers that terms and conditions apply to online casino bonuses, these are worth looking over beforehand, as they might require you to make a payment via certain payment methods. Failure to do so could result in you not receiving your welcome bonus. Plenty of American online gambling establishments also accept bonus codes. These are simply entered when prompted to and can give you some extra spins to use on online slots or other fun which you can use across at the casino.

Casino Games:

One of the most important things to consider when choosing from online gambling sites is the casino’s games which are there for you enjoy. With so many different software providers and all of them having a bunch of incredible casino titles under their belt, it can be an overwhelming experience choosing the one which is perfect for you. Our USA casino sites are all reviewed and show you all the casinos games and casino software that you’ll be using. We recognise that there’s simply so much diversity when looking to play online casino games and you could left with the difficult choice of selecting from table games, slot games, Pai Gow, a variety of card poker, video poker, live casinos and much more.

Payment Methods:

American casinos will usually provide their players with a good selection of payment options that USA players can then use to keep their casino account topped up and also withdraw potential winnings from. The most popular banking options which USA casino sites accept range from credit cards and debit cards and now there are even PayPal casinos or Bitcoin casinos available for USA players to frequent. E-wallets are a popular payment method which we’re seeing more and more of, as they have revolutionised how internet gambling works. Choosing an e-wallet instead of regular banking options at a casino in the USA means that you can withdraw potential winnings as quickly as an hour after applying for them, instead of having to wait for the funds to clear into your bank account.

Safety & Security:

New players who are looking for the best casinos in the USA can rest assured that all the casinos that we recommend to our US players are safe and secure. These means that they are audited and proven fair, so you can have peace of mind when enjoying your favourite gambling games. All these online gambling sites have the latest SSL encryption and your personal details are encrypted and stored at a secure database, which is separate to the casino site.

Mobile Casinos:

With mobile gaming revolutionizing online casinos, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more mobile casinos now than ever before. Players in the USA choose mobile casinos to enjoy their favourite table games, online slots and progressive jackpots, giving them the freedom to make the most out of the gambling experience and even play at live casinos with live dealers. All our recommended casinos have mobile options for players. This can be in the form of an Android casino app and being able to visit the mobile casino’s site through your tablet, smartphone or iPhone web browser. What’s more is that there’s no compromise when enjoying your favourite online USA casino from a mobile platform, as you can still receive all the incredible online casino bonuses, slot games and bonus codes which you’d find on the desktop American online casinos.

Customer Support:

Whether you’re playing at a casino for USA players or a UK casino that accepts American players, it’s important to choose a casino which has a quality support system in place. By doing this, it means that you aren’t left in the dark if there are any problems with a deposit or withdrawal. Some casino sites will go to the lengths of providing an FAQ casino guides that list potential questions, along with the respective answers, or previously asked and solved queries by real players. The main methods of support that we look out for are live chat, telephone or email and some casinos will even correspond with players in the USA via mail. We predominantly look for top online casinos that offer help and support to their players through live chat, as this saves you having to wait around on the phone or for an email and you can speak to a casino representative one-to-one, informally.

A look at how UIGEA’s law has impacted online casinos & sites in the USA:

Taking a trip back to 2006, when Bush was in power, a gambling law was passed which prohibited casino sites from taking payments from players which would then used towards real money online transactions in casino gambling. This had a massive effect on the industry as a whole it took a while for betting systems to spring up for US players to gamble safely, where it’s legal online. The laws do vary from state to state but there’s nothing that dictates it’s illegal for players to enjoy and to play casino games online.

Fortunately, there are plenty of legitimate online casinos that accept custom from US players, which you can register an account with and start playing your favourite casino games for real money. The benefit of signing up to one of the casino sites that we’ve provided is that the responsibility of the casino and not in the player. Meaning that it is their legal obligation to adhere to any laws in conjunction to your location, and the ownership is not your own.

Which states allow USA online casinos:

There are three states where online casinos aren’t prohibited and are entirely legal, these being Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. So, if you’re looking to access legal casino sites or mobile casinos, you’ll need to be within any of those states to do so. As we mentioned before, Choice Casinos is dedicated to bringing the best casinos US to players and due to the loopholes surrounding the gambling law, you’ll still be able to access and play at the casinos we’ve listed. If you reside in the aforementioned states but have changed or masked you IP address for privacy or personal reasons, you may find that you’re unable to sign up to the online casinos, even if you’re close or on the border of a legal state, making you unable to play at the site.

Different gambling restrictions online casino USA players will find:

As a player, you won’t be prosecuted for breaking the law, if you play at an online casino outside of the specified states we mentioned above. It’s up to the casino site to check whether the player accepted is playing from a territory where playing at USA online casinos is legal and not the individual who is using one of the money online casinos. Because of how this works, it’s not uncommon for players who wanted access to top rated casinos to use a VPN which will hide your IP address and allow you to access and sign up the US casinos of your choice. You should check the t&c’s of the casino to make sure that this adheres to their guidelines.

Are other countries restricted from online gambling?

US players are not alone when it comes to strict online gambling sanctions which are placed at real money online casinos or sports betting. To compensate for this, many players will choose a UK casino or money casinos within Europe, that accepts US players. We advise players who seek a casino site abroad to make sure that their currency and custom is accepted. This will make depositing and withdrawing money from playing your favourite slot machines online simple and similar to how it works with USA casinos, the player cannot be held responsible and instead it’s solely down to the casino’s choice to accept US players.

What kind of bonuses can I claim as a USA casino online player?

Claiming casino bonuses is a huge part of the online gambling experience and there’s so many promotions to choose from, it can sometimes be a difficult task deciding which internet casino welcome package is right for you. Some players will purely be looking to enjoy online gaming activities like card poker, where a match bonus would certainly benefit their endeavour. If video slots are more you style of online casino games, then extra spins will go a long way and even show you how the game works before spending your own real money on the slot machine.

With Las Vegas and Atlantic City being such huge hubs, it’s no surprise that players who don’t have the time or money to visit either of those places look for alternatives that provide a similar experience. Live casinos might not create the bright lights and shoulder to shoulder, packed out tables like these gambling rich cities provide but they are the closest that you can get, without having to leave the comfort of your own abode. You’re able to write and interact with the live dealers and you can enjoy your favourite online poker games, blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat without having to get up and move from the couch!

So many US casinos also have a sports betting section that can be accessed once the player accepted has signed up and created an account. This often runs parallel to your casino account, meaning you can switch between casino gambling and sports betting with a simple click of the button. This is adds to the overall American online gambling experience and some of these casino’s sport sections have a huge array of markets and betting systems in place where people can play online and bet real money on sports all over the world.

More on Payment Methods:

The best online casino sites in the USA will have a variety of banking methods which you can use to withdraw the funds. If you live in one of the territories that has legalized online casinos, you’ll be able to use whichever banking methods are available that the site offers. If you live somewhere that prohibits gambling online, you’ll have to use the notoriously popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Otherwise, players are free to use payment options such as credit cards and debit cards.

Credit Cards:

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably already well aware of how a credit card works and this will give you the chance to add funds to your favourite casino site and you’re then expected to make a payment towards the total outstanding balance on your credit card at the end of the month, or you can clear the entire balance accordingly. Although credit cards can exceptionally helpful, if they have a high limit, they can also become problematic for some gamblers in the USA, so it’s recommended that you always practise responsible gambling at all times and as soon as the fun stops, you should stop playing.

Debit Cards:

Similar to how a credit card works, debit cards can be used to play at online casinos for real money. Instead of the funds being added to your monthly statement, the money is deducted from your bank account and once you don’t have enough funds to complete a payment, you won’t be able to add any more to the casino site. Along with credit cards, debit cards are a preferred transaction at plenty of online casinos in the United States, as they are quick and reliable ways to make both deposits and withdrawals to or from your casino account.


If there’s one method of payment which has revolutionalized how we make online payments, its PayPal and now there’s plenty of American PayPal casinos where you can deposit your funds safe and securely, as well as being able to withdraw them blisteringly fast. Using PayPal has plenty of benefits, one of them being that every transaction is backed up securely, whether its for $1 or $10,000. This is something that the best online gambling sites are aware of and because of this they are happy to accept PayPal transactions. If you choose to withdraw your winnings through PayPal, you can be in possession of the funds as quickly as an hour after applying for them and all transactions are normally completed within 24 hours. This is much faster than credit cards or debit cards, which relies on the provider or bank you use to clear the funds into your account, which can take up to 5 days.


It’s been almost 10 years since Bitcoin appeared as a legitimate online payment method and it didn’t take long before it was recognized around the world as a legitimate banking transaction. Although the road hasn’t always been clear and the path of Bitcoin has been rocky and shakey, 2017 was a huge year for the super-cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is still worth an impressive value today. One of the reasons Bitcoin is so appealing to both players and casino sites in the USA is that it allows you to keep you anonymity. What this means for American casino players is that if you fall outside of the 3 states that legally allows online casinos, you’re banking details are completely separate and any potential winnings won’t be jeopordized when you withdraw them. Despite 2018 being a shakier year for Bitcoin, it still remains at the top of the e-currency list by a huge margin. Whether it remains overvalued is still uncertain but what is clear is that plenty of the best casinos in the US accept it.