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Even today, Baccarat is still a game which is enjoyed by many players and there are a lot of casinos which offer an online version of baccarat. We look at the rules and show you which are the best baccarat casinos where you can play one of the most popular online gambling games!

Top-Rated Baccarat Casino Games

Our Favourite Online Baccarat Casinos in 2019:

Baccarat is a card game that is predicted to have been around for centuries and is immensely popular in casinos around the world and on the internet, to this day. With a game as refined as baccarat is you can almost guarantee that around the world there will be different variants, and you’d be correct when talking about this coveted card game. Baccarat is referred to as a comparing card game because you play your hand against the “Banker” and each round that you play can have three available outcomes. “Player” is where the player wins with the higher score, “Banker”, the house takes the win with a higher score and a “Tie”.

There are three versions of Baccarat that are practised and played to this day; the first being the North American Baccarat which is referred to as Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque (or à deux tableaux) and the last being Baccarat Chemin de fer (also known as Chemmy). You’ll also be able to play Baccarat at a Live Casino, once you are familiar with the traditional method, this is an excellent way to take the game to the next level.

The origin of Baccarat is unknown at this point as some sources claim that the game dates back to the 19th century and conflicting sources suggest that it was introduced to the French by the Italians in the late 1400’s.

Macao is a card game that is thought to be directly related to Baccarat, but that originates from Asia during the 1600’s. It then made its way to Europe during the 18th century and because of how quickly adopted it was, was picked up and playable by people of all different classes, which promptly lead to it being banned by King Victor-Amadeus III in all of his jurisdictions from 1788.

The Rules Of Baccarat

Punto Banco is the more popular version of Baccarat that you will encounter, in both high street casinos and online establishments and is overwhelmingly popular in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Finland, Sweden and Australia. In Punto Banco the casino will always bank the game and the name Punto, meaning player and banco meaning Banker implies that there are two different outcomes that the bettor can choose to back. It’s worth noting that the player has no affiliation with the gambler as the Banker has nothing to do with the house.

Punto Banco is dealt from a shoe that contains between 6 and 8 shuffled decks. However, 8 are much more commonly used. The banker will then cut the decks with a cut card, where it will be placed in front of the 7th card from the end. Each game or “Coup” will see two cards dealt face up for the player and then for the banker if either has a total of 8 or 9 at this point in the game, the round is ended, and the winner and loser are announced, as well as a tie result. If neither the player or banker has an 8 or a 9, the player can take a further card if they chose to and based on the value of the card the player received will determine whether the banker gets a third card; at this point the coup is over, and the winner is determined, and the bets are paid out to the winner.

Variations Of Punto Banco:

Midi Punto & Mini Punto:

This is a smaller, scaled down version of Punto Banco which can be played on a blackjack table or one of similar size. The cards are dealt from a standard shoe, but the table wagers are significantly smaller.

EZ Baccarat:

Starting in 2004, EZ Baccarat is a popular variation which will see money being paid out even if the banker wins, unless the banker wins with a total of 7 as a result after the third card is drawn. This variant has some of the more enticing player odds across all of the different methods to play it, and the house edge is only 1.02%.

Super 6 or Punto 2000:

A variant of the regular game that can see the money being paid out on winning banker bets, unless if the banker wins with 6, where 50% of the stake will be paid out. The house edge is slightly higher for Super 6 and is in the region of 1.46% as opposed to the standard version of the game, that has house odds of 1.058%. Super 6 is also a much faster-paced variation, and this is primarily attributed to the fact that you don’t have time-consuming processes like collecting calculating the commission on banker bets.

How To Choose The Best Baccarat Casinos:

With online casinos being as popular as they currently are, so many casino sites are now offering their players a platform to enjoy the popular game of baccarat. This can make selecting the online casino site that is best suited for you a tricky proposition. Fortunately, we have scoured the internet and evaluated all the different online casinos and pieced together a handy list that features only the very best that the industry has to offer. We use lots of different criteria to gauge whether a casino site that offers their players a place to enjoy baccarat is worth your time and this can be anything from the welcome bonus provided, to the variety of different games or online slots and even the various payment methods that they accept.

So, starting with the welcome bonus; it’s no secret that online casinos want your custom and they are often competing with each other for the privilege. This is great for a new player who is looking to start out and get involved with a brand-new casino site, as it could lead to some juicy extras like free spins to use at a bunch of online slot machines, or even deposit bonuses that can see your initial deposit being doubled and sometimes tripled.

It is essential to consider the different casino games that are on offer at the online casino you have turned your attention towards; just because you are a diehard baccarat fan doesn’t mean that your interests will always lie like this. By having a variety of different games, you stand more chance of finding something you like if the game you are currently engrossed, it fails to hold your attention. This is why we suggest that you look out for a selection of other games like Texas Hold’em, live baccarat, video poker, sports betting or perhaps a place that offers table games where you can play blackjack and other casino games, such as Pai Gow poker. This will ensure that you can still play baccarat but also have plenty of other games that you can switch to and play online; as some casino sites will also offer a live casino for their players to frequent.

Baccarat being so prevalent within the United Kingdom, this has led all sorts of people on the internet that promise to give you hot tips and tricks that can see you earning a tremendous amount of money, like that which you find with blackjack strategies and whilst in theory some of this could potentially work, they require you to part with a lot of your hard-earnt money. This isn’t the most responsible gambling approach and the best way to have an edge or improve your game is to thoroughly read up and understand the rules associated with the versions of the game that you are playing, this way you will be on top of the betting systems and will have a much easier time interpreting the what is happening at the table.


The popular table game, baccarat has become the staple of many online and live casinos across the United Kingdom and the world due to how straightforward it is to pick up, but challenging to master. With so many different variants attributed to live baccarat, this has helped the game develop and become as much of a favourite as the likes of video poker, sports betting or even playing at an online slot machine. However, with so many players getting behind the card game, this has seen a massive influx of casinos providing the game, and not all of them are legitimate. It’s reasons like this that we have created this guide for the players who might need help choosing a place that they can play, which is player-centric and trustworthy.