The Best Blackjack Casinos & Games in 2019

Whether you refer to this popular game as twenty-one or as blackjack, its identity requires no introduction and everyone at some point who has some experience with card games will recognise this age-old classic. The game requires you to try and beat the dealer and can be played with multiple other players or one vs. one.

This game has fuelled many exciting times over the years and is still something that you expect to find in a high-street casino to this day. Fortunately, with technology becoming more and more advanced, online casinos have found a way for us to enjoy the best of real money blackjack, without having to leave the house. You’ll even be able to play online blackjack on the small screen, thanks to the many mobile casinos which are now available to players. So, if you have a phone and want to find either and Android Casino or iPhone Casino, we’ve provided our two cents on choosing the best one to suit you.

The History of Blackjack:

Before it was known as blackjack, the game was commonly referred to as twenty-one and the origin of the game is still unknown to this day. There is some evidence, such as the earliest written text featuring the game, that dates back to the early 1600’s Spain; where the game is referred to as Veintiuna, which is Spanish for twenty-one. Interestingly enough, when the game was in its infancy in the United States, the gambling establishments would create bonuses around the game, separate to the winnings, such as if the player was to hold a jack of clubs or spades, one of the black jacks.

Choosing The Best Online Blackjack Casino:

All of the online casinos on our list have a great selection of different blackjack games and some will even have multiple platforms that individuals can use to get the most out of this timeless classic. We have recommended casinos that have a variety of signup options for players, because if you want to jump into online blackjack, you should at the very least earn a bit extra for joining a new casino. These consist of casino bonuses which you can be one of the more lucrative ways to start playing at a casino site.

The next thing we recommend is to browse the rules of the different games, if you aren’t familiar with all the different types. Doing this will enable you to get the most out of your games as you will surely know what is and isn’t allowed.

Blackjack Rules & How It’s Played:

Traditionally, the dealer is situated at a casino table and where he is then facing the players competing, the dealer can then shuffle anything from one and eight 52-card decks. Before each round begins, up to three players are able to make a bet and place it in the betting box. The dealer is then able to deal the cards beginning from their left to the right and each participant is to receive two cards faceup. The dealer will have one card faceup for the table to see and will deal their second card facedown, which they will quickly inspect to see whether they have blackjack or not. The cards thereon after are to be dealt in a clockwise motion from the dealer’s left, as per the request of the player.

The basic strategy is to beat the dealer by having a hand that consists of cards amounting to as close to twenty-one as possible, without exceeding it, which will incur a loss and you will have gone “bust or broke”. If your hand amounts to less than twenty-one, you will have the option to “hit” which will see you be given an extra card and you are given control of being able to request a card until you reach the satisfactory amount, or your cards add up to twenty-one. The dealer will be required to draw until they win or go bust.

The player has a few different decisions that they can choose to make that will affect the outcome of the game.


This is the straightforward term for requesting another card from the dealer.


When you choose to “stand” you are telling the dealer that you don’t want to take any further cards on this round.


When you are dealt the first two cards, if these share the same value, for example two 10s, you can choose to split the hand into two, this will incur a second bet, worth the same value as the first which will be placed outside the betting box. The player will then complete that game with the two hands, which are then treated as being new hands.


This isn’t an option that is available at all tables, but it is a more cost effective way to opt out of the round without losing their entire bet, instead they will receive half of their bet back.

Most of, if not all, of these options can be found at online casinos, so it is worth reading and finding out what they mean before you play, this will help you get off to the best possible start.


If you card the dealer has placed faced up is an ace, you are then given an option to receive insurance on your own hand, before the dealer checks his facedown card. Insurance is a term for a side bet that works differently to the standard wager. The payout of the insurance is 2:1, which means that for every 1 dollar the player wagers, he will receive 2 dollars in return. This is because the odds of the next card being dealt has the highest probability of being a value of ten and would then give the dealer blackjack and the player would lose.

The Different Variations Of Blackjack:

All in all, there are over 100 different variations of the game blackjack and lots of these depend on the rules that are unique to the location that you are playing from. When playing blackjack online, you will often find the rules posted clearly before you enter the game, so if there are any differences to the rules that you are used to following, this will be where you will spot them.

All casinos and even the online ones operate with a house edge and this can be interpreted by how many different decks they are using. One deck gives the house an edge by a meagre 0.17%, whereas eight complete decks will give the house a larger 0.65% edge. Despite all of the maths surrounding it, video blackjack machines often have payout rates of 1:1, much to the customers’ delight.

Mobile Blackjack:

As mobile casinos have surged in popularity, so has video blackjack and this is a perfect variant of the game for the players who enjoy the original game but want to play without having the restraint of being sat at a computer screen and will be able to play during breaks at work or from anywhere in the world for that matter.

Because of how popular the online blackjack game has become, naturally many enthusiasts have released guides on how players can improve their techniques and blackjack tips. These can be risky, and we generally advise you to take things like this with a pinch of salt as they require you to bet a lot of money that you might not have or require you to play at a casino that has no wagering limits.

Some mobile casinos will require that you download their application to enjoy the best of their services, whilst others will allow you to play from your mobile browser of choice and some even give the option of playing online against a live dealer. This is entirely down to your own individual preference but if you think that you will be playing mobile blackjack often, downloading the casino’s very own in-house software might be the better option.