Online Craps Games

The game named “Craps” begun as a simplified variant to the old English game named “Hazard” which dates back as far as the Crusades. It is believed that craps is an American interpretation of that game and its origin begun in New Orleans and started by a politician turned gambler named Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville. However, it is believed that the model of the game that Bernard had designed was massively flawed, to the point that players would scam the casinos and other players by taking advantage of the types of bet that you could place; this was then fixed by an American man named John H. Winn who introduced a simple rule which transformed the game into the craps of today, as we know it.

Craps became hugely popular during the second world war; this is mainly because soldiers could play it on the street and they would use a blanket as the material that they could throw the dice on. This was challenging because the game is usually played with a backboard which would stop the dice, this then saw the implementation of different strategic rolls, and you might have heard of the phrase the “army blanket roll” before.

Rules & Gameplay:

The rules of craps might vary from between casinos, but the overall aim is still the same, and you will be notified of this before you begin playing. To start, all players will take turns rolling two dice, and the player whose turn it is to roll is referred to as the “shooter”. You are then able to bet on the different outcomes and will do so by placing the chips that you wish to wager on the corresponding sections of the table layout.

If it is your turn as the shooter, a player will then make a pass line bet/don’t pass bet. The pass line is if the outcome of the roll is either 7 or 11, the bet is won. If the roll comes in at 2, 3 or 12 the bet is lost. If the outcome is any other numerical variant, this is valued as a point. Both the pass line and don’t pass bets come with their own odds, and it is recommended that you read up on these before you start playing, as it will help you make a more educated guess towards the outcome.

With so many people turning to Live Casinos to enjoy their favourite table and card games, you’ll find lots of different options and variants of craps for you to play. This enables you to play from the comfort of your own home but still gives you the authentic feel of playing against a live dealer, with other players around the table.

Different Variants Of Craps:

There are a couple of different versions of craps and which version you play will depend on the casino that you are at. Bank craps is the name given to one variation of the original game, and some places will refer to this game as Las Vegas Craps. The main reason for this is that is mostly popular in the casinos found in the Nevada state, but it has still found its way online and into the online casino industry all over the world and even in the United Kingdom.

Crapless craps is another type of craps games which are a popular online variant that you might find at a bunch of different online casino sites. This can also be referred to as Bastard Craps, and the most significant difference between this and the standard version of the game is that the person shooting the dice has a much higher house advantage than usual (5.38%). Another huge difference is how the bets can be made, as with Crapless craps you can bet on the outcome of a 2, 3, 11 or 12 before the shooter throws a 7.

In High Point Craps, this version is another that is similar to the original game but with some subtle differences, such as if you roll a 2 or a 3 initially, in this version, the roll is then disregarded. If this is followed up by the roll of a 2, that player will not roll again. However, if they roll an 11 or 12 this is considered a win and anything that isn’t a 2, 3, 11 or 12 will earn the player a point and you are then able to roll again but need more than 11 or 12 to win. The house edge is significantly lower on this version at just 2.35%, which are much better odds of winning.

One different method of playing craps games which is immensely popular over on the East Coast of USA is called New York Craps. It is believed that this version isn’t American by origin and might have begun in Europe and the Bahamas. The house edge of New York Craps is more significant than both Bank Craps and Las Vegas craps, and it comes in at a reliable 5%. The numbers which are bet on in this version are box numbers like 4,5,6,8,9 and 10.

The last one that we will discuss is a variant of the dice game called Simplified Craps, this version of the game allows players to win by rolling a 2,3,4,10,11 or a 12, however, if you roll a 5,6,7,8 or 9; the player will lose. This version of craps has a house edge of just 2.8%.

Choosing The Best Craps Casino:

When looking for the best real money craps casino, there are a few fundamental aspects that we suggest you look for. This can be things like a welcome bonus that is up for grabs when you sign up, create a new account and make your initial deposit. A welcome package is a great way to get some extras such as free spins to use at the online casino’s slot machines. In current times, you can even play Online Craps from your mobile device. This is acheiveable either through your mobile browser or by downloading a casino app and playing the game that way.

Players should also be on the lookout for various promotions and bonuses that are available. Should you want to play something different than just Craps, you might want to pick up some free spins to play with, on the side.

Another thing to look out for when choosing a from the best craps casinos is the variety of overall games that they provide. Just because you are looking for an online establishment to shoot dice at, in the beginning, doesn’t mean that it will stay this way and if you choose a casino with a wide array of titles and variety of games, it is more likely to hold your attention for longer. We recommend that you look out for casino games like video poker, live dealer games, table games like Texas Hold’em, video slots and many others.