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Roulette is without a doubt one of the most popular casino games to play at any online casino or land based casino. This game is purely luck based as lets face it you can’t really apply skill to a game where a ball spins around a wheel. On this page we will explain what the game of roulette is, provide you with a free play version of the game.

History of Roulette

Roulette first came about in 18th Century France and has since then grown into one of the most popular games at casinos. It was created by a man named Blaise Pascal who was a French Phsysicist and mathmetician. An interesting fact about Pascal’s creation is that he didnt actually set out to create a machine that would be used in a casino, instead he wanted to create a perpetual motion machine aka a machine that could operate without being powered by something else. While unfortunately his experiment failed he did create the first even french roulette machine which has been introduced to casinos all over the world both online and offline.

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Types of Roulette Games

European Roulette: Also known as French Roulette this was the first version of the game to be released. This is the real version of the game which still stays true to the original created many years ago. The difference with the European version is there are only 37 numbers on the wheel including the 0 in green. This means that you will have a slight advantage against the house if you were to be playing the American Version. The house will only have an edge of 2.7% which compared to American Roulette where its 5.2% can really help you out especially when you’re betting big. European Roulette also has some cultural differences to its American cousin. As it actually have more formalities, such as the ability to pay the croupier to place the ball in a different area of the wheel before he spins it. Also after if the ball lands on 0 you can leave your bet in what is known as prison. Which is the exact same bet you placed previously, this provides you with the chance to try and recoup your losses on the next spin.

American Roulette: The main difference with American Roulette is the use of a double zero on the board. So you’ll have 0 and 00, which increases the house edge meaning you’ve got a higher possibility of losing your bets. As always this can be covered by yourself but ths will mean your stake will have to be bigger. The other difference to the European game is the numbers that follow on will be on the opposite side of the board, for instance number 1 and 2 will be opposite each other on the roulette wheel.

Live Roulette: This can come in either American or European versions and is only accessible if the site haas a live casino section. Here you will be playing online roulette against a live dealer instead of a computer which adds a whole new social aspect to the game as you can actually talk to them and the other players around you. We find this to be a more immersive roulette experience especially when playing online. You’ll be able to play live french roulette and the american versions.

Mini Roulette: This version of Roulette is available at most Playtech powered online casinos. There will be less numbers on the roulette table and it will be on a smaller wheel. There will be a total of 13 numbers on the wheel and the house will have an edge of around 8%. The games rules are very similar to the European version its just a smaller version.

Multi Wheel Roulette: This type of Roulette is popular with both Microgaming and Playtech casinos. Instead of just one roulette wheel though, there will be multiple. Its pretty much exactly the same as the French/European version instead you will have multiple wheels and multiple chances for you to win.

Multi Ball Roulette: Similar to Multi Wheel game instead this variation will add more balls to the mix. This twist to the classic game can add anywhere from 21 all the way up to 10 extra balls on one wheel. Remember, as there is only one 0 on the board you also have a better edge against the house.

3D Roulette: This is a pretty simple variation to understand. The rules aren’t any different than the standard European set the game is just in 3D with marginally better graphics. If you like a smoother looking roulette experience then this may be the one for you.

Roulette Royale: This game is a progressive version of the standard game. Increasing the overall payout if you get your bet correct. However the downside to Roulette Royale is you’ll be playing on an American table which means the house has got a larger edge than the other games.

Pinball Roulette: The final game on our list is Pinball roulette. This is a complete make over to what the game is, you’ll pick your numbers as normal but instead of spinning a wheel you’ll be playing an arcade pinabll game. This version of the game can be found at the majority of Playtech casinos.

How to choose the right online casino to play roulette at?

Roulette isnt for everyone, some people prefer the high octane graphical adventure that online slots offer or you may prever to play video poker. However if Roulette is your chosen game then when choose which casino to tryroulette online at you may want to consider these points:

Multiple Variants: The more variations of a game that a casino has the more types you’ll be able to play. Casinos tend to add their own spin on roulette games by changing rules subtley to make things more interesting like multi wheel roulette or triple bonus spin roulette.

Roulette Specific Promotions: Promotions are one of the tools that casinos use to keep us coming back for more, while most promotions will be tailored towards slot games. Some casinos will offer promotions such as extra spins or cash back on losses.

How to Play Mobile Roulette

This page wouldnt be complete unless we talked about how you can take your favourite table game on the go with you. Mobile roulette can be played in two ways, you can either download the mobile casino app from the app store and play from that. Or you can go to the homepage from your mobile browser and play that way.

Do Roulette Strategies Work

We’ve all seen it on the net, guides on strategies that you can incorporate into your playing style. While a lot of these in theory will work if you a) have enough money or b) the casino doesnt set any limits on your wagering amounts.

One popular strategy is called the Martingale system. In short this is when you place outside bets on the roulette tables. Meaning you either bet on colours or odd/evens. So every losing bet that you make you’d double your previous wager and bet on the same outcome, you will then keep repeating this until you have a winning bet. Like we said in theory this would work if you have an infinite amount of cash as you could keep doubling up. However you can sometimes have a really bad streak which ends up with you losing a lot of money. Also if the casino has wagering limits, if your needed wager falls outside this you wont be able to make your losses back.