French Roulette Review & Free Play:

French Roulette


French Roulette Features

  • Double Up Feature

French Roulette Basics

  • Game Type : Roulette
  • Software : NetEnt
  • Coin Range : 0.01 - 0.5
  • Maximum Bet : 100
  • Jackpot : 4000
  • Bonus Rounds : Yes
  • RTP : 96.70%

Where to Play

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Game Overview

French Roulette from the NetEnt team offers an excellent gaming opportunity with all the features you need to make the most of each round. They provide a clear view of the table and high definition graphics along with multiple betting options that provide table limits from as little as 10¢ through to €5000.00.

Look & Feel:

The layout is by far one of the biggest advantages as NetEnt includes a screen where you can see everything without having to switch views or try keep up with various camera angles. The bottom half of the screen shows the table with all the French betting options and the table limits. The top half has the complete wheel in high definition graphics where you can see each number clearly along with the white ball. At the bottom, you get to choose from multiple betting options, which are sure to help you get to the total value of your desires.

Bonus Features:

Since this is a completely standard variation of French Roulette, you’ll find NetEnt has not included any special features or additional winning opportunities. They have however ensured you have access to all the features you need to make the best of each round.

It all begins with the options in the bottom left hand corner where you can see the payouts information, use the racetrack betting features, show and hide and the game history and statistics and finally, use the favorite feature where you can set up specific betting patterns and access them instantly.

On the other side, you’ll find additional betting options that help you apply quick changes to the following bets. If you want to double up, simply press the 2x button or if you would like to use the same bet as the last round, just press the turning symbol. The game also includes an alter play feature, allowing you to sit back and relax as the game automatically sets the ball in action with a betting pattern of your choice.

French Roulette RTP:

French Roulette from NetEnt uses the standard game rules and features, which is why a return to player percentage of 97.30% can be expected.


If you want a standard and high-quality French Roulette gaming opportunity, you can’t go wrong by choosing the NetEnt variation. The developer includes the betting options you could possibly desire while also offering fair rewards based on standard rules. The additional betting features and game options simply make it easier to find the perfect wagering strategies while the favourites option allows you to take advantage of the game as you can use the patterns that work best for your needs.