Super Wheel Review, RTP & Free Play

Super Wheel

Super Wheel 1

Super Wheel Features

  • Super Wheel Payouts

Super Wheel Basics

  • Game Type : Table Games
  • Software : Play'n Go
  • Coin Range : 1 - 500
  • Maximum Bet : 500
  • Jackpot : 47x
  • Bonus Round : No
  • RTP : 92.31%

Where to Play

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Slot Overview

Do you love suspense, drama and taking big risks? Super Wheel offers it all, and while you’ll be convinced you seated at a live casino table, you’ll actually be pacing your bets on the new super exciting casino game powered by Play’n Go. Super Wheel appeals to players who enjoy roulette. It’s a brand-new type of casino game that allows you to select your favourite number from the five on display, including number 23, 11, 5, 3 and 1, while you can also select the horseshoe or clover offering higher payout worth 47:1.

Looks & Feel:

Super Wheel offers the different betting options on a green felt table, with the large wheel displayed directly behind it. The goal is to guess or predict the number the large spinning disk would stop once your bet is placed. Simply select the coin size and place it on any number/s and once you satisfied that you covered all the luckiest options, press the green spins button. This sets the Super Wheel into action, and while the sound effects are perfectly in sync with the spinning action, it enhances the excitement of viewing as the wheel slows down and finally lands on one number.

Bonus Features:

Super Wheel Payouts: With the seven different betting options available on Super Wheel you also have seven different odds which includes 1:1 on number one, 3:1 offered by number three, 5:1 if you win on number five and 11:1 should you select number eleven, and it wins. Number twenty-three offers odds of 23:1, while both the horseshoe and clover symbols offer the highest payouts of 47:1.

Super Wheel RTP:

Super Wheel appeals to all players due to the combination of spinning action by choosing the luckiest number. While you get to enjoy interactive play, the game is easy, and you hardly need to study the rules. With all the spinning action boosted via the realistic mechanical sound effects, you can still rely on a great RTP of 92.31%.


Super Wheel is different and the perfect game to try, should you wish to take a break from slots, it offers plenty of spinning action, although you get a say by choosing as many numbers as you want. You could wager on all, but if your hope is on making quite a bit of cash, it might be best to decide where to place your bet, so it could best work in your favour in terms of profits.