Are Online Casinos Rigged?

This question is one that has echoed all over the internet for as long as online casinos have existed. Players want to know whether the casino sites they are joining are not only safe and secure, but are also fair establishments that don’t have rigged games or odds. This isn’t as straightforward of an answer and rigging an online casino is technically illegal and can cause them to lose their license, which for a reputable casino – is far from worth the risk! However, the casino is designed in a way that ensures they won’t lose all their money, with cleverly chalked out odds and outcomes. Here at Choice Casinos, we understand this is a popular topic and a question asked by numerous players, which is why we are going to shed some light on this old debate.

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Casinos are businesses too!

All businesses need to make a profit, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to survive as a company. This is no different to online casinos and why you might have heard the phrase “the house always wins”. The house must take a cut, which is often referred to as the “house cut” and is why casino games have RTP (return to player) percentages. Not all UK casino sites are trustworthy, and this is why a lot of sites are blacklisted, which means you won’t find them being recommended to our players.

All our casinos are deemed secure and reputable sites. They are regularly inspected and audited to prove that their games are fair, meaning that players shouldn’t need to worry when visiting and playing at any of them. A casino will often display sufficient licensing certificate somewhere on the homepage, often towards the bottom of the page and a quick rule of thumb is to make sure that the casino operator is sanctioned by the UK Gambling Commission or another governing body.

Just because a gambling site shows the correct licensing doesn’t mean they work as a charity and online casinos make huge profits from having so many players who frequent the casino on a regular basis. Not all this money goes to lining the CEO’s pockets and a lot of their profits get pumped back into the business, which creates a better gambling experience for the players. This could be used to create a fantastic mobile casino for players or be used to make unique and enticing casino bonuses which could come in the form of deposit free spins and much more.

The house edge exists in all casino games. This doesn’t mean the online casino is rigged and you’ll find that luck plays a huge part when playing at a gambling site. There’s not much you can do about this but so long as you’re playing within your means luck will be on your side, although it can’t be controlled, and all players are subjected to the same odds at the casino.

How to Establish the Randomness of Casino Games

Casinos ensure that their games are fair up to a point, but that the correct RNG (random number generator) technology is in place. This ensures fair play and that the casino doesn’t go out of business from losses. Return to player percentages are normally worked out by the game developers and are already baked into the online casino games. These cannot be adjusted by the casino and the companies that create the game have these titles checked regularly to prove that they are fair. Below we go into detail about the RNG and RTP terms so that they are easier to understand.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

Online slots at online casinos in the United Kingdom are all subjected to computer software that depicts the outcome for the game, known as a random number generator. With this technology available, it ensures that all players who play at live casinos, slot games, video poker and table games have the correct fairness and random outcomes in place. For slot titles, this means that every time the reels spin, a different set of symbols will be shown, some having higher outcomes than others. This technology doesn’t memorise previous spins or drawn cards and has zero input as to whether the next spin or hand will win or lose. Winning or losing is completely random and with RNG technology, everyone has the same chance.

Return To Player (RTP)

When discussing RTP rates, these refer to the different odds that players have surrounding the game they’re playing. You’ll find that RTP is often displayed as a percentage, which would look something like “RTP rate of 97.83%”. In simple terms, this would suggest that for every £100 you spend on that specific slot game, you’d expect to receive £97.83 back. When looking at online slots, you’ll usually expect to find a 90% return to player percentage at the very least. Most games hover around the 95% mark and anything above 96%-97% is regarded as quite high.

Another thing worth noting is something called “variance”. This chooses the different types of payouts you can expect from a casino game. The higher the variance, the more the slot will pay out but with a lower frequency. A lower variance means the game will pay out lower amounts but more often.

Gaming Licenses for Online Casinos

Casinos in the United Kingdom require a license from the correct governing body or authority. This is a huge step in being able to tell if an online casino is rigged because if they don’t meet this necessary requirement, it’s unable to assure that they are fair establishments. UK casino licenses aren’t handed out to any old site and the company must take the required steps to prove that they are a secure, safe, responsible and ethical gambling site.

Customer support plays a huge role at a casino site and the better support, the better the player’s experience will be. Although gambling websites spend a lot of money to make their site work as smoothly as possible, problems can arise, and this is where the support representatives come in.

One of the most important thing which is checked by regulating bodies is “fair play”. As the description suggests, this determines whether each player is subjected to the same fair treatment as one another. Once the casino has the correct seal of approval, they can then display this on their site to let other players know that they are a fair and reliable site to play at.

Why Players Should Always Choose a Licensed Online Casino

As you can probably tell by now, the risks of playing at an unlicensed casino site certainly don’t outweigh the positives and by choosing a licensed casino operator, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t find at an unlicensed site. The machine’s rigged won’t pay out as often as reputable online casinos, as they will not be in your favour and the last thing you want is to have overcome is a rigged casino’s games.

Thanks to our team of casino reviewers, we scour the internet for trusted online casino sites, all of them not only have the seal of approval by a governing body to prove they are secure and fair, but we also have our own independent testing which we trial every online casino with. We look at everything from the welcome package available, to the real money games, payment methods, customer service, overall casino online experience and everything you’ll need to know before joining.

Thanks to the UK’s strict conditions surrounding online casinos, there are a lot of hoops that these sites must jump through. This isn’t necessarily good for the casino in question but is great news for the player as they can rest assured of the casino’s quality. Two of the biggest governing bodies that regulate online casinos for the United Kingdom are the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. This doesn’t mean that other casino sites which don’t have certificates from these two auditors are unsafe, but you should take the correct precautions to see whether they have been checked by other auditors.

Additional Information

As we’ve touched upon above, playing at rigged online casinos where the games are rigged can have a massive detrimental effect on your online gambling and casino experience. When playing at a land based casinos, these precautions are already taken for you, however this is not necessarily the case online and there are plenty of rogue casinos out there for you avoid. The same applies for sports betting sites and the same regulators determine whether they are fair and secure to play at. Any gambling site that isn’t proven to take the necessary casino security steps could risk player sensitive information being breached. There are plenty of safe gambling websites and mobile casinos out there and all the ones we provide to our readers have been checked to prove that they are. This means their online casino games are fair and adhere the correct fairness and random casino software required. Reputable online casinos have a fantastic range of online casino games from a selection of casino software developers that still have a “house edge”, however you can be sure that you aren’t going to be subjected to rigged games that will put you out of pocket.

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