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For most slots’ players, online casinos are the best option in order to gain bonuses and promotions. If you are a regular slots player, then you may wish to compare all the available online slots bonuses. Casino promotions and welcome bonuses come in many forms in which may entice the user. and online casinos which are focused heavily on online slots make sure to design their welcome bonuses around them. The type and generosity of the casino bonus will depend entirely on the size of the online casino, how long it’s been operating and what it can afford.

Examples of Good Slot Bonuses:

We aim to find the best for our users so below are a few of the best bonus slots we recommend to use:

  • Shadow Bet Casino
  • Kaboo Casino. 100% Welcome Bonus worth up to £200 + 100 Extra Spins!
  • Dream Jackpot Casino. £900 Welcome Bonus + 150 Extra Spins!
  • Bet365 Casino. Casino at bet365 – Up to £100 New Player Bonus!
  • Paddy Power Casino. 200% Welcome Bonus up to £200!

Welcome Bonus:

The welcome bonus is a very popular feature that most online casinos use, therefore it is a crucial stage of the online betting process as it shall be the first impression that the user has of the company.

Welcome bonuses are quite straightforward in terms of how they work. They are done by offering a games bonus in return for action off the player. Normally the traditional method is by adding bonus funds to the users account on their first deposit made. An example of this is if the user deposits £20, they shall receive £40 worth of bets to be made.

Match Deposit Bonus:

Match deposit bonuses were created in the aim of helping the user increase their funds and add excitement to their online gambling experience. The bonus is awarded to users to be used with their next deposit o first. Usually the generous deposit bonuses are received when a player is a new customer.  All deposit bonuses come with wagering requirments on the real money that the user will receive, however once the requirments are completed then the cash can be withdrawn.

Below we will give you an example of a match deposit bonus.

Suppose that a casino is offering a 100% Match Bonus up to £100 on signup, with a minimum deposit of only £10. This means you could get the following:

  • Deposit £10, receive £10 free, and you play with a £20 bankroll
  • Deposit £50, receive £50 free, and you play with a £100 bankroll
  • Deposit £100, receive £100 free, and you play with a £200 bankroll
  • Deposit £200, receive £100 free, and you play with a £300 bankroll

No Deposit Slot Bonuses:

The majority of online gambling sites provide a feature called ‘no deposit bonus’ to players who sign up with a new account. One of the reasons they are immensely popular is because the user does not need to put down a deposit. This then means the player is allowed to try a casino for free and play a casino game without having to use their own funds. In order to use a no deposit bonus, the user will need to sign up with a new account and then it shall become available to them. No deposit bonuses do still come with wagering requirments and can sometimes be higher than usual. Be sure to always read the terms and conditions prior to signing up to any offers just so you are sure.

In the UK online casino industry, no deposit bonuses are a popular way to expand the customer base, so websites are often competing in offering sizable bonus sums. The value varies from site to site, however it is normally anywhere from £50 – £500, or even more in some cases. Unfortunately, this money can’t be withdrawn straight away and can only be used to play casino games, with strict rules how it can be converted to ‘live’ funds.

Cashback Bonuses:

Cashback bonuses are popular as they refund a certain amount of the user’s net losses over the course of a specific amount of time. Most of the time, bonus cash do not have any wagering requirments which then makes them highly popular when it comes to playing with slot machines. As you would have already wagered your funds you don’t really have anything to lose when taking part in this kind of offers. Sometimes a casino will offer Cash Back bonuses on certain games, therefore encouraging users to play the game with less risk. Most of the time the Cash Back bonus is calculated over a set period of time.

The requirements for cashing out on a Cash Back bonus will vary from each casino, however in some cases, wagering requirements can be as low as wagering the bonus as credited once. In other casinos it can be as high as 10 times, however normally the turnover requirements for these bonuses tend to be lower than for a deposit or reload bonus received.

Do you need to sign up to a casino to receive a slot bonus?

In order to receive the casino site bonuses, an account does need to be created by the user to play online. If the user wants to browse the site for fun and view which bonuses are available, they can do so without creating an account, however, to play and eventually receive and withdraw the bonus funds and money, then an account would need to be created.

As we always want to recommend our users the best offers, we have given you a few of the best No Deposit Slot Bonus Casinos below,

‘Dazzle Casino’

‘Yeti Casino’


‘Genesis Casino’

Wagering Requirements:

Like most things, the important information is mostly found on the terms and conditions page and this is the same for the wagering requirments which are important for the user to understand. Bonuses that are made to the user are dependent to the wagering requirments which does make them important.

We want our readers to fully understand the ins and outs, so this shall be broken down and explained below.

If £30 is deposited and you play with £60, £30 of the £60 will need to be wagered a certain amount of times (depending on the company.)  Wagering amounts are based on the bonus but always do vary and that can be from 5x the bonus up to 50x of the bonus or even more.

As an example, I will use 30x as the wagering example. If £50 is deposited and you receive £50 free, then you will need to wager that bonus 30x in order to withdraw any winnings that are associated with the bonus.

Slot Bonus Terms and Conditions:

All online Casinos have their own Terms and Conditions so to help you get a general idea of what to expect, I have listed and explained a few of the most common ones below.

A Minimum Deposit is needed by the user in order to claim their games bonus whilst playing online slots. This can be for various reasons, however the main reason is because it is a fair and easy way for the company to make their first bit of business / profit from the user.

A Method of Deposit would be needed for the user to withdraw funds out of their account and for the company to use also. This can be done by various methods including, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Online Banking, E – Wallets etc.

Some companies only allow new users to take advantage of their bonuses so whether you are a an existing or new you user then you will need to check the company policies.

Companies also have the right to reclaim any bonus amount that have been awarded as an error.

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