Card Games Glossary

Card games are one of the highly played casino game categories on internet and in land-based casinos as well. Whether you play a Card game at home or in a casino, unless you know the terms, rules and jargon of the game, you aren’t playing the real game.
Given below is the glossary of the three most popular casino Card games offered at every online casino website.



A hand where the total of First Two cards is Twenty One is called Blackjack.

Card Counting

A technique for counting the cards that have been played so far in the game. Card counting helps in calculating an approximate percentage ratio of high cards and low cards.


Device that contains the card decks to be dealt. Player and Dealer are dealt with cards from the decks kept in a Shoe.

Face Cards

Cards with King, Queen or Jacks on them are called Face Cards and value 10 in a game of Blackjack.

Hard Hand and Soft Hand

Card hand with Ace as Eleven is Hard Hand, whereas a Card hand with Ace as One is Soft Hand.


When a player takes or draws another card from the Shoe, it is called Hit.


A decision to not to take any more cards from Shoe is called Stand. When a player stops hitting, he Stands.


Decision to give half of the bet and to stay away from completing the hand formation is called Surrender. When a player surrenders a hand, he saves half of his bet.


Face Cards

Cards with King, Queen, or Jacks on them are called Face Cards.


Decision to turn down a bet and withdraw from a bet taken by a player during a game of poker is called Fold.


A five-card hand with same suits is called Flush and it is one of the winning hand combination used in a Poker game.


Set of first three cards out of the five community cards dealt to players during a Poker game.


Set of two cards out of the five community cards dealt to players during a Poker game.


Final community card dealt to players during a Poker game.



A Baccarat hand where the First Two cards total is 8 or 9 is called a Natural hand. When a Banker’s or Player’s hand gets a Natural hand, the game ends and that hand wins.

Down card

Card with its face down or closed is called a Down card

La Grande and La Petite

French term for nine and eight in a Natural hand, respectively.


Banker’s hand is called Banco


Player’s hand is called Punto

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