Choosing the right Blackjack variant

The rising popularity of Blackjack has given rise to many variants of the game with each one having its own pros and cons while playing. These popular Blackjack variants can be easily found in many major online casinos, offering Blackjack game tables.

Although, players still trying to grasp the basics of a normal Blackjack game might not benefit much from these variants, but if you are a serious Blackjack fan, then it is important that you choose the right Blackjack variant for increasing your winning probability.

The purpose behind choosing the right Blackjack variant is to lower the house edge and to brighten your chance of winning the game.

Blackjack is played with different number of card decks depending upon the variant you are playing. The number of decks is directly proportional to the house edge, which means the more decks there are, the less chance you have of winning. Thus, when choosing a Blackjack variant for your game, prefer variant which is played with lesser number of card deck. To maximize your winning probability, you can also choose a variant played with single card deck, as it would push the house edge to negative side.

Do not choose a variation that forces unwanted and unfavourable restrictions on your game. Variations where players are not allowed to double following a spilt, where player has to follow restrictions on when to double, are designed to increase the house edge. You will also find variations that have their own restrictions and limitation on re-splitting and surrender situations. It would be a wiser decision for you to avoid playing such Blackjack variations.

There are some Blackjack variants which are also known as No-Hole card games. In a No-Hole card game, dealer is not dealt with a second card which means the dealer does not get a chance to form a blackjack hand. Unlike a normal blackjack game, where dealer gets second face down card which increases its possibility of forming a twenty-one, if the first card is a card of ten or an ace, No-Hole blackjack variant is more of an advantage for the players. If you choose to play a blackjack variant where the dealer is not allowed a second card, you increase your chance of attaining a blackjack or twenty-one and win the game right there.

There are some variants that let dealer ‘Hit’ even on a hand of soft 17, thus allowing dealer to stay in the game using Ace as 1. Such variants are more of advantage to the dealer than it is to the player, which is why you must go for blackjack variants where the dealer must stand at the total of 17.

Even if you were an expert in Blackjack variants and strategies, choosing the right variant that favors your side of the game would give you better chances of winning.

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