Different Types of Online Slot Games

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Casino games are split up into different categories and one of those categories is slots. However, this is a very broad and diverse category, and there are many different types of slot games that you can play, all with visible and big differences between them. This means that you and a friend could both like to play slots, but actually you are playing completely different types of games and will never play the same game as each other.

The variety and choice on offer inside online casinos is now so great that the slot section is too big if anything. Here is a look at some of the different types of slot games we have on offer, and how they vary from each other to show just how big the choice is right now.

Fruit Machine Style Slots / Classic Slots

New casino players will often find themselves looking at these because they look very familiar to the fruit machines they used to play, and also because they are very simple games. These are usually called classic slots by players and casinos, and they offer a simple, retro look at casino gaming.

These machines offer you the chance to win by matching up the symbols, and often you will find old fashioned symbols used like 7’s and fruits, as this is the type of thing the gamer wants to see when playing these slots.

Something they do lack and something that stands out due to the improvements we have seen elsewhere is great graphics and additional gameplay. These areas have been worked on a lot over the past decade, and because of improvements here we have seen some great slots games created. This is something that classic slots cannot compete with, and the main reason why players who start off by playing these, usually quickly move onto something else once they have found their feet.

Video Slots

This is the most common type of online slot game you will encounter, most of the games you see are now classed as video slots. To be a video slot, the game needs to have more than three pay lines while giving the player more in terms of entertainment and chances to win compared to the classic slots above.

As far as what to expect goes when you are playing video slots there are a few things to look out for. The game will usually have some kind of bonus feature, usually, one that involves free spins if you activate it, and the game will also have great graphics. These together combined will give you a far better and more modern gaming experience than one you would receive from playing a classic slot, and this is why this type of slot game has become so popular.

3D Slots

These are basically the new and enhanced version of video slots. Think of a video slot as we’ve just mentioned above, but then add into that the fact that the symbols and graphics you see on the screen will all be in 3D. This adds a completely new element, and a great way of getting even more fun and enjoyment from your slot gaming.

3D slots are still relatively new to the market, so there are not too many out there. However, the ones we have seen developed have quickly become popular with players and it is easy to see why. They are basically video slots, but with an enhanced level when it comes to graphics and that is all thanks to the 3D nature of the game. If you are wanting the best possible experience in terms of graphics and gameplay, then 3-D slots are the games you need to be playing.

Slot Features

Alongside having different types of slot games to play, you will notice that there are different features on a slot game that can change. This can even be games from the same category, so using the above, you can have video slots with different a different number of reels, different amount of pay lines and even a different type of jackpot. Here we take a look at all of these things, and how they affect the choices you have when it comes to choosing which slot to play.

Progressive Jackpots vs Flat Jackpots

We all play slot games with the hope of winning the jackpot, so it always pays to know about the different types of jackpot and what is available on the games you are playing. A standard slot will offer the same jackpot every time it is played, the only difference is the payout depending on your staking amount, those who stake more per spin will receive a bigger jackpot than those staking the minimum per spin. However, the actual figure will never change, this is the most common type of jackpot and it is known as a flat jackpot.

Those who go hunting for huge wins, looking to chase the biggest jackpots will find that these are known as progressive jackpots. These begin at a minimum amount, and they increase when more players play on them, eventually building up to a huge sum of money. When the game is ready, it will payout and the winner will take home a huge prize. We have seen these go into the millions in recent times, so if it is something completely life-changing you are looking out for then progressive jackpot slots are certainly the way forward for you.

Here are some of the best slot games offering a progressive jackpot

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Slot Reels

This is an area that was stable for many years but is now changing with the introduction of a couple of new features. Classic slots have three reels and this is something they have always had, so those playing on classic slots will see three reels. Video slots need to offer more than three pay lines and more chances to win than classic slots, so this is where the expansion of the reels started. The majority of video slot games will have five-game reels for you to spin, giving you a more action-packed game to watch.

This has been the case for many years, but continued development and advances in technology have created two new types of slot reel that add even more excitement to your game. These are colossal reel slots and cascading reel slots. Both expand the reels, with new symbols falling down to replace those that have left the reels and this can result in a huge combo win that pays out many times over. This is certainly eye-catching and offers players the chance to play games that are right on the cutting edge of casino development.

Pay Lines

The number of pay lines on a slot game can vary dramatically, from just one single pay line as we see on some slots to many different ones if you play the maximum allowed on selected five-reel slot games. What you want all comes down to the type of gaming you want, and how long you want to spend playing.

If you are happy to sit back, relax and spend a lot of time playing then a simple one-line slot game may be what you want, as you are only paying to play one line each time you spin. Over a long period of time, this still shouldn’t cost you too much. Those who are looking for a quick gaming fix will want something else and this is where the multi-pay line slots really come into their own.

With many different pay lines if you are wanting quick play and the chance to win in just a few spins you can play all of the pay lines and cover the entire five reels. This costs more as you have to pay for each line you play, but the chances of winning are far greater. There is nothing worse than seeing a big winning line come in that you haven’t covered, and for that reason, many players who play the multi-line slot games will cover every line that is available to them.


Most people will know what the RTP% is, although some players don’t, and those that do, don’t always take note of what it is for the games they are playing. While the differences may not be significant between the different games you play, we all want to give ourselves the best possible chance of winning big and the best way to do that is to play a game with the highest RTP possible.

RTP stands for return to play, so the RTP% is the percentage payout the slot gives back to players. The closer to 100%, the more money this machine will payout to players, so this is what you need to be looking out for.

Generally speaking, slot games are all very similar in RTP%, and you will often find these offering an RTP% of between 94 and 97%. A game below 94% would be considered as below average, while one above 97% would be seen as a very good offering.

It is probably important to say that you shouldn’t place too much stress on selecting a game because of the RTP%, but it is certainly something to consider after you have found games you like. Firstly, choose the games you like and enjoy playing, after all, getting enjoyment from playing a slot game is a key part.

However, if you have two slot games that you really enjoy to play and one offers  94% RTP while the other offers a 97% RTP then it would make sense to play more often and spend more time with the latter game, as overall you are slightly more likely to win more by playing this slot than the other one.

Time to Choose Your Favourite Slot Game

With the information above, you should have a little more knowledge when it comes to the different type of slot games, while also knowing the variances between reels, pay lines and the type of jackpot on offer. All of this should be able to give you enough insight to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing which slot you will play next time you log into your online casino account.

It is very important to have fun while playing slots, so be sure to choose ones you enjoy but on top of that, look out for some of the above and work out which type of slot game and which different features give you the best time. If you can combine choosing a slot you love with one that offers great gameplay, has a big jackpot and offers a good RTP% then you have cracked it, and found the perfect slot to suit your gaming needs.

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