How to Claim the Ideal Casino Welcome Bonus in 5 Steps


Popping into an online casino and playing with a big, fat welcome bonus is an appealing prospect. However, there are great casino welcome bonuses, and there are those which are, to be reasonable, not so great. You will almost certainly want the former.

Throughout this article, we will help you land an ideal casino welcome bonus, which is suitable for your needs in just five steps. In just mere moments, you’ll have a clear idea of what is available, where to find it, and what a good, trustworthy casino welcome bonus can do for you. So, let’s begin…

Know What It Is You’re Looking For

The first step to claiming a rewarding online casino bonus is to know precisely what it is that you are looking for. Some casinos provide big money bonuses worth many thousands of pounds. Others tend to offer rather petite deals, and some focus instead on offering free spin bonuses with no deposit required.

We also have online casinos which provide free cash for you to use, often within a strict time limit. There are those casinos which provide you bonuses spread over several deposits, and those which offer you the same generic bonus you can find everywhere else. The first step is to decide what it is that you want for your welcome bonus. Ask yourself a few simple questions. How much are you looking to bag with your bonus? Do you prefer cash or free spins? Are you going to deposit, too, or do you want a free bonus just to test out a casino?

Once you have decided the above and know what it is that you want, it is time to go and find it.

Find Out Where to Pick Up Those Promos

Some operators run several casinos, and by and large, many of the bonuses at those sites will be similar. By contrast, what one operator chooses to dish out as a welcome bonus at one website may be totally different from what a rival operator is providing. Knowing which operators offer what types of bonuses is an ideal start. However, it may also be worth looking at casinos based on where they are licensed, and what countries they cater, too. Some bonuses are more popular with players in one country than another.

Another great way to determine the types of casinos which will offer you the welcome bonus of your dreams is to visit casino review sites. Many of these domains can provide “filter and search” options. These allow you to break down the many offers they promote down to just a few handpicked choices. The casinos which turn up in the search results will likely be the ones offering you the types of promos you’re looking for.

Do Your Homework

By now, you will no doubt have an idea of the kind of bonus you are after, and where to find it. Next up is the time-consuming part. It is time to do your homework. Before you register at the casino, it is worth reading up about the promotion at casino review sites. Many such domains will fill you in on the details of the welcome bonuses they cover.

Players should note that some casino review sites are solely there to promote casinos and may make an offer sound better than it is. If you suspect that this is the case, it may be worth checking out other sources. There are many sites out there where casino players are given free license to vent. If they have claimed an offer like the one that you’re looking at and it was not as good as the casino claims, they’ll no doubt have let everyone know about it. Any promo which has received numerous complaints should be avoided, but you’ll no doubt know that already. This may seem a tedious process, but it can really help you in the long run.

Do It Again, but This Time With a Fine-Tooth Comb

Now that you’ve done your homework, it is time for the next step on the ladder – do it again. Unfortunately, we’re serious, but this time you’ll need to do it with a fine-tooth comb, and we’ll be looking at a different source now. Fortunately, all this information is available in one place, the rather tedious and exhaustive array of terms and conditions which are directly attached to the casino’s welcome bonus page.

First up, you need to look at the wagering requirements of the offer. Welcome bonuses which have wagering requirements of above 35x aren’t ideal. Ideally, the smaller the playthrough rate, the better value for money the bonus is. As well as that, you’ll also want to look at how wagers on each game contribute to those wagering requirements. If you’re going to play live dealer casino games, but they only count 5% towards the playthrough rate, for instance, it isn’t a good idea to claim the welcome package. For the record, most slots count 100% towards the requirements.

It is also essential to look for any potential issues with eligibility. Are players in your country entitled to claim the bonus offer? Is it only for depositing players, and are their strict rules regarding which games can be played with the welcome bonus? On top of that, players need to know whether their chosen deposit method will be valid for a bonus. After all, some online casinos have now made Skrill and Neteller deposits ineligible for welcome bonuses.

There are other things you may wish to keep tabs on, too. For starters, are there any caps on what you can win with the bonus? How much is a player going to have to deposit to claim the offer? How long do you have to fulfil the wagering requirements, and when does the general bonus expire? These are all things which are seriously worth considering before you claim a casino welcome bonus.

Compare and Contrast…Just in Case

The final step involves a last-minute check to ensure that you are being duped. Earlier, we mentioned how operators often have similar bonuses at many of their sites. Well, on occasion, some sneaky operators will have the same welcome bonus at their casinos, but one will have slightly lower wagering requirements than another. It is also possible that one casino may have a somewhat better cash offer or perhaps a more significant number of free spins than their sister sites.

Operators do this to ensure that players are spread out at their many sites, and not all tied down in one domain. This is no bad thing for you, though. You could end up playing at what is essentially an identical online casino to the one you were initially looking at. It will have the same games, same support and banking methods, only slightly better terms and welcome bonuses.

Of course, you may find that your chosen casino has no sister sites, or that those that do feature the same bonus with the same conditions. You won’t know until you go looking, though.

Now Bag Yourself That Bonus

If you’ve followed all the five steps listed above, you should have a relatively good idea of what is available. You will know the type of bonus you are after, where to get it, and how to ensure that the deal you’re claiming really is precisely what it says it is. All you must do now is head on out there and claim an ideal welcome bonus for yourself.

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