The Best Penny Slot Games 2019

Penny Slots are at the foundation of modern-day gambling and have been the most popular gambling machines in the United Kingdom for decades. Penny slots are one of the most important games in modern day gambling, the popularity of penny slots is always increasing and there are various reasons for this. The first things that may come into your mind when you hear the words “penny slots” may be that they are too cheap or offer a low pay-out, and you think you are wasting your time on a machine that will never make you a big win. Infact this is far from the truth, yes, they are cheap to play, however this is a great bonus as you could win big by just inserting a bit of your loose change. Many people enjoy throwing their loose change in a penny slot machine because of the affordability, it is cheap to play, and the outcome could be big, so it really is a no brainer for most  The outcome may be big or may be small but either way you can’t really go wrong on a penny slots machine, so I would defientley suggest giving it a go!

Common mistakes on Penny Slots:

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to penny slots is that the players think they can gamble without having a budget. Most assume that they do not need to keep an eye on how much they’re spending, purely because they are playing for low stakes. Unfortunately, this is not the case because although they may be only playing for a penny spin, the losses can add up rapidly if luck is not on their side.  Another mistake which is common is when plays start to play on a penny slot machine without reading the help screen, some players just love the thought of winning so end up jumping into a new game straight away, before even knowing about the game/machine and before they know it, they have lost their money. To any new player I would definitely recommend reading the ‘pay table/help’ page which will provide vital information. This is most certainly a smart thing to do, rather than jumping straight into a game with no knowledge and leaving with more losses than winnings.

Online Slots:

Over the past few years, online gambling has become immensely popular and is constantly on the rise. This can vary from sports betting to jackpots or even poker and now you can also play slots online too. The convenience of playing slots online is great and they are easily accessible, most games are developed through apps which are most commonly available on IOS and Android devices. Online Slots are also available on betting websites too, for those who prefer to play on a computer/laptop rather than on a mobile phone device. The great thing about playing online is it truly is a sociable experience which is fun and enjoyable for those who like to play with fellow players. You can chat, interact and play with other players which is a great bonus that has made online slot machines popular.

Lucky 88:

Lucky 88 is a Chinese themed slot game, by NYX Interactive. The number ‘88’ is recognised as a symbol for fortune and good luck in Chinese culture so this is where the name originates from. The design and set up is a vintage Asian style and this is shown from the sound effects, through to fonts and symbols included.  The game is great for those who are after perks, bonuses and for a 1 penny slot, as Lucky 88 offer free bonus rounds for players who land three or more scatter symbols in one spin. To summarise Lucky 88, I would say that it is an authentically designed game which has certainly been created by people who have taken time on it. I think it is a simple and basic game which is not designed for advanced slot players, so I would suggest adding new features and bonuses if Lucky 88 plan on improving their game.

Rock Star:

Rock Star is a game created by developers Betsoft that it designed to capture the essence for users of being a Rockstar. The game shows the insights of a Rockstar’s life which includes fame, glamour, money and bright lights. Rock Star is a game that is meant to put the user inside the shoes of a rock star, so they get to feel all the fun benefits which are included in the life of a superstar. Betsoft have done a great job on this game and have featured plenty of rewards and exciting features. The game is well known for being one of the best in Betsoft’s 3D slot collection and with this comes a game full of music, plenty of action and also voice overs which makes it a typical rock and roll themed game. The main objective of the game is it match the correct symbols across the pay lines. Overall, I genuinely feel that Rock Star is a well-developed game that has great bonuses and advantages for users who want to play on a fun slot game. I feel the rock and roll theme is fantastic as it is unique and well developed and because of this I would certainly recommend any rock fan to play on Rock Star.

Mad Scientist:

Mad Scientist is a game which is based in a busy laboratory where there is a mad scientist who has the power to turn objects into gold. The player is there to assist the mad scientist and help him with turning his gold into funds via the slots. The popular online game was developed by BetSoft gaming and is compatible on both Mac and Windows platforms. Mad scientist has many features, and these include, bonuses, rewards and credits for the user to take advantage of whilst playing. The mad scientist is an easy game which is simple to play and therefore is popular with different types of players, the buttons for the pay lines and coin values are clearly displayed and the user can also view their winnings and credits on the same page so there is no confusion. The coin range for this game is £0.02 to £0.50 and the player can wager up to 5 credits per Pauline. This game is most profitable when a maximum bet is placed. Overall, I would say mad scientist is a decent game to play once the user understands it but can come across a bit confusing and complex for first time users.


Heist is a slot game which was created by Betsoft. The aim of the game is to challenge the user to crack the vault of a bank. This game is full of action and has an interesting crime plot. The design of this game is very interesting, it includes features such as nuts, bolts and even stainless steel, the player has a main mission of having to fight their way through the reels to collect a win. The game has been designed very well in my opinion, there is a getaway car, a safe and there is even a getaway driver, so it is undeniably realistic.  There are 2 versions to Heist, the basic version which is aimed for players that are new to the game and also the Top version which is aimed for those who are used to the game and fancy a challenge. The user can easily switch between the 2 versions by simply just clicking the ‘in play’ button which is located along the foot of the screen.


Dracula is a popular slot game created by Net Entertainment and is certainly one for those who are after a challenge. As the title implies, Dracula is a game which is based on vampires and horror and really is one of a kind, considering there isn’t many slot games like this. There are only 10 paylines so the amount of combinations that are available to win is limited, this is good as there is no need for users to waste their time by trying to figure out a ‘winning formula’. The graphics on this slot game are fantastic in my opinion, I would describe them as dark, spooky, mysterious and intriguing. I do think that Dracula is a unique game which has a nice and different setting, it defientley is a game for those who are fans of Dracula’s and the spooky setting. As an improvement I would suggest that Lionline try to create a better soundtrack as it sounds a bit generic and like something that is in most horror movies.

Twin Spin:

Netent have done a great job in creating Twin Spin, the game has a mix of old-style casino slots with also a mix of the modern-day gambling scene. Twin Spin provides some great features and bonuses which allows users to double, triple and more when it comes to opportunities of winning big. Twin Spin is basic game which is good for new users who aren’t used to slot games, the colour scheme is a dark blue background, followed by magenta, blue and green laser beam lights. Twin Spin offers 10 bet levels and the minimum amount the user can bet is £0.25 whilst the maximum bet is £125, this is one of the reasons why it is a popular game amongst high limit users. Twin Spin is a prime example of an attractive, basic and fun to play type of gem. I am a huge fan of Twin Spin and would recommend it to anybody who is looking to have some fun on a slot game.


Starburst truly is a great looking slot game. Developed by Netent, this game is unique and one of its kind to say the least. The game offers users a unique experience which displays great opportunities to win. All the Starburst slots feature 10 paylines which could reward the user with a total of 50,000 coins and it is available online and also mobile platforms such as IOS and Android, because of these great features that are offered to the user, Starburst has become very popular amongst gamblers. Starburst offers plenty of bonus rounds and also additional offers/bonuses and that is one of the main reasons I rate this game by Netent very highly. Overall, I would rate Starburst an 8/10.

Guns N’ Roses:

This rock band inspired slot machine was named after the famous American band, Guns N’ Roses. This fun and unique game was created by Netent and they have done a perfect job on the graphics and sounds. After playing the game, I have understood that the game has been made in a authentic manner and the rock inspired theme continues throughout the game. The layout is simple and easy to understand, whilst the navigation is easy to use so the users do not get confused. The animations are well developed, and the colour scheme suits well with the layout and the game. The game has several bonus features and also provides a great experience to those who are fans of the late 1980’s band. If I were to rate this game, I would say it is unique, well developed, and nicely presented so it would receive an 8/10 rating.


This game truly is a fantastic addition to the Netent company. EggOMatic is an immensely fun slot game which I guarantee you will find hard to stop playing! Everything in this game has been perfected and well developed, from the crisp animations and graphics to even how the layout and buttons have been displayed. Netent have proved to be reliable and considerate once again and have made this well functioned game available on Mac, Linux and Windows based computer systems. The theme of this game is based at an egg factory and more eggs need to be produced, the game has a vintage look which is different and nice to play as it is a change from all the modern and new looking slot games. There are various features and bonuses which is one of the reasons why this game is popular. ‘Free spins’ are offered to users and ‘coin winning eggs. In my opinion, this game is a certain 9/10, great bonuses are available, the layout is nicely displayed, and the game is easy for the user to navigate through and understand. As an improvement, I would suggest Netent add a bit more colour to this game as I feel it would definitley catch the user’s attention  leading them to remembering the game and continue playing it.

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