The Security Golden Rules of Online Gambling

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Whether you are joining another casino after many years of playing online, or you are looking for your very first to sign up with, security should always be at the forefront of your mind. It is vital you play in a secure environment that you trust, and if you have any doubts about a website or a company then they are best avoided, as if you do sign up with them you are likely to spend all your time worrying about your funds and personal details, rather than actually enjoying the games they have on offer.

There are four ways in which you can check out a company and see how they are performing in terms of security, and each one looks at a different angle so by using all four you can put together a full picture about their service. This should give you the confidence to choose one casino, go with them and enjoy your gaming rather than worrying about if you are safe or not. Here are the four things to look at.

SSL Certificate

This is becoming a necessity for any website really, let alone one that handles your personal information, money and payment details so it is simply vital that you find a site that has an SSL certificate. When you log onto the site, if it has one of these you will notice that the page begins with HTTPS, and at the side of this, you should see a padlock sign. If you have this, you know you are safe in terms of the connection you have with the casino website.

Any site that doesn’t have this, someone can interrupt your connection to the site by hacking into it, and that would allow them to access your personal details, which could include your bank details, card number or anything else you use to pay with.

While the SSL certificate is a sign of having a secure connection to the page, it is also a sign of how seriously the casino is and how much it wants to grow. If a casino site doesn’t have an SSL certificate then not only are they opening up their customers to potential hackers, but they cannot be too serious about their future as a casino. They should want to set a good impression to their existing customers and potential new ones, and by not having one of these they are not doing that.


The second thing to look at is the license that the casino holds. Does it cover the areas you are in, and does the license mean anything in terms of the tests they have had to pass. The best license out there comes from the UK Gambling Commission. They have a long list of requirements needed from a casino before they can be given one of these licenses, and if you are from the UK then it is imperative that you find a casino with a UK Gambling Commission license.

Things like having a secure website, storing people’s personal details correctly, having proof of funds to pay people out should they win big, all of this is tested by the UK Gambling Commission. If a website holds a license from them then it means they have passed all of these tests, and if it is good enough for them then it should be more than good enough for your casino needs, so is a good sign to follow.

Again, having this license is also a sign of how seriously the casino wants to take its future. If it is a casino that wants to just make a quick buck off their players and one that isn’t too concerned about longevity then they may skip getting a reputable license and pick up a smaller one. However, a company that takes the time to get a UK Gambling Commission license and shows their intentions right from the off is one that is more likely to stay around for a long time as they are putting the early groundwork into their site, something you want to see as a player.

Social Media

We live in a world that is dominated by social media, and while some people may not like this, it is a way you can verify and check things about companies you are going to use in any sector, so don’t be afraid to look into potential new casinos on their social media pages. First of all, make sure they have a page on at least the main social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Bigger companies are likely to have more angles covered in terms of the pages they have, and you could find some with multiple pages on the same channel. If your potential new casino doesn’t have a social media page then unless they are completely brand new and may not have one set up just yet, that should ring alarm bells with you.

Assuming they have one, the next thing to do is look down the recent posts they have made. The content doesn’t matter too much here, you are looking for two specific things. The first is how recent are they, so you can tell how active they are on social media. A good casino should be looking to promote its brand in some way on a daily basis, so you should see a number of posts from the past few days when you are looking at their timeline.

The second thing to look at is the comments section. Don’t read too much into this, as sometimes this is just people making flippant remarks because they have just lost, but read these and look for patterns. For example, if you look at 10 comments from players and four of them are complaining about long payout times then this is something to consider.

You probably shouldn’t put too much emphasis on social media when looking, but do look out for patterns that could mean a casino is particularly poor at one aspect, especially if this is to do with security or money.

With those three checks to think about, you can take online security very seriously an ensure you cut down your chances of encountering problems to an absolute minimum while playing inside an online casino.

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