What Can I Play When I Join an Online Casino?

Perhaps you have given thought to signing up at an online casino? Have you decided what to play? For some, the prospect of playing and potentially winning vast sums in prizes is alluring, but they may not have spent much thought to what it is that they want to play after registering. It is always recommended that players know what it is they wish to play before signing up. If you aren’t quite sure what is available, this guide is for you.

Let us look at some of the many types of games you will typically find in any run-of-the-mill online casino site.

Slot Machines

By far the most extensive collection of games at any typical online casino are slot machines. However, there is much more to slots than the simple one-armed bandits you may be familiar with. Slots can be divided up into six distinct genres (possibly others).

  • Classic Slots: These types of slot machines are the one-armed bandits mentioned above. They are typically played over 3 reels and feature traditional slot imagery, such as bells and bars. There won’t be many lines to win on with these games, and special features are few and far between.
  • Fruit Machines: Any British players will appreciate fruit machines. These slots are reminiscent of the games which used to be housed in pubs throughout the 80s and 90s. Fruit machines often carry fruit symbols and may feature 3 to 5 reels. They are notable for having nudge features, and many come with trail-based bonus games.
  • Video Slots: The most significant collection of slots found online are video slots. These games feature anything from 5 paylines up to tens of thousands of them. Video slots almost always offer special features and bonus rounds, which may include wilds, scatters, free spins, re-spins and randomly triggered bonus features. These games will often be themed, and that theme will be represented on the imagery in the game.
  • 3D Slots: 3D slots are very similar to video slots. However, the defining feature of these slot games is that they offer 3D graphics and often animations. They can run a little slow on older software/hardware, but they represent the best-looking slot games around.
  • Mobile Slots: Most newly released slots are mobile-friendly, but older ones may not be. A mobile slot is any online slot game which can be played on mobile devices, although this term is generally used to mean ones which have a specific mobile-friendly interface.
  • Jackpot Slots: Also known as progressive jackpot slot machines, these games carry the biggest and best prizes around. Some may offer millions of pounds worth of prizes, which may be won via bonus games, by landing symbols on a line, or entirely at random. Jackpot slots may be designed in any of the formats mentioned above.

Table Games

If slots aren’t for you, and you favour a more traditional online casino gaming experience, then table games are likely what you are after. These are the types of games you can play with cards and dice, and they are not all reserved for high-rollers or experienced players. Rookie and low-stakes tables exist, too. So, what are typical table games you can expect to find in an online casino?

  • Baccarat: Many claim that baccarat is the most challenging card game you can play. This is not entirely true. Made famous by James Bond, baccarat is notorious for its third-card rule. However, baccarat players do not need to worry about this when playing online. The computer handles the distribution of a third card, if necessary.
  • Blackjack: Many different blackjack variants can be found online. Each offers a different take on the game and alternative house edges, but all can be learned in mere minutes. Most blackjack games allow you to double down and split, and some will even let you surrender.
  • Roulette: Many online casinos will offer three different types of roulette games to players. American, European and French roulette are the most commonly provided games, although mini and progressive roulette games are not out of the question, depending on where you are playing.
  • Sic Bo: Sic Bo is mainly appealing to Asian players. It is like craps, although often played electronically (instead of with dice). Most online casinos carry a game or two but don’t expect too many variants to be available.
  • Table Poker: The best online casinos will carry several table poker games for players to try, too. These often include casino hold’em and Texas hold’em, but may also include stud poker, oasis poker, trey poker, three card poker, Pai Gow and red dog poker, cyberstud poker and Caribbean poker, amongst others.
  • Craps: Despite being a hugely popular table game in land-based casinos across the world, there aren’t too many craps games to be found online. Most casinos will offer a title or two, but seldom more than that. However, the world-famous dice game is undoubtedly likely to be available at most major casinos, if this is what you wish to play.

Instant Win Games

When visiting an online casino, you may come across a section known as “instant win”, “arcade”, or “other”. These games are titles which are not conventionally found at land-based casinos but represent handy little side-games for players to try their hand at when playing online. Amongst the types of instant win games that you can commonly find at many casino sites are:

  • Scratch Cards: These are no different than their land-based cousins, albeit electronic versions. Players must match three identical symbols or cash prizes to win, and some of these offer multipliers which can ramp up what can be won.
  • Instant Win Games: Instant win games often involve a simple choice. For instance, a horse racing-themed instant win game may require players to select a horse. A short race then follows, and you can pocket prizes based on your choice. Penalty shoot-out and fight-based instant win titles are also common. In short, instant win games can constitute everything and anything that doesn’t fall into one of the other categories of games at a casino site.
  • Dice Games: Not all dice games are Sic Bo or craps related. Some of them work somewhat differently. If you fancy your chances on alternative dice games for money, you are likely to find a handful of them in the instant win or “other” games section of a casino site.
  • Keno, Bingo and Other Lottery-Based Games: Some online casinos also carry lottery-based games. Bingo games can usually be found at casinos, although these are electronic bingo and far more simplistic than true online bingo games. Likewise, most online casinos will often carry a form of keno to offer their players, as well as other types of lotto games.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer casino games represent the most realistic and authentic experience an online casino player can currently have when playing online. They are streamed from a studio floor, or a real brick-and-mortar casino and are played with a real-to-life human dealer. The dealer acts out the games, and you can watch the action take place on the screen. Some even allow the player to adjust camera angles, talk the dealer and interact with other players. Like the RNG (random number generator) table games mentioned above, both low and high stakes games can be found.

  • Live Baccarat: Baccarat is one of the big three live dealer games, and a few different variants can be played. These can include speed games, and “squeeze” baccarat games, for Asian players who like this aspect of “touching” the cards.
  • Live Blackjack: Live dealer blackjack games are numerous, covering all stakes and variants. Classic blackjack seems to be the most popular option, alongside European blackjack. A typical game can seat up to 7 players, although behind betting is sometimes permitting in live blackjack.
  • Live Roulette: All three roulette variants mentioned above can be found as live dealer games, alongside oddities such as double-ball roulette, immersive roulette, automatic roulette and more. Adjustable camera angles are one of the perks of playing live roulette games. Roulette is also one of the big three, alongside baccarat and blackjack, because it can found in virtually every live dealer casino site.
  • Live Table Poker: There aren’t as many live table poker games as there are RNG ones. However, it is not impossible to find casino hold’em, Caribbean stud, three card poker, Texas hold’em and Ultimate Texas hold’em poker games when scanning for a live dealer poker title at online casinos. Some of these live games can feature high limits, too.
  • Live Money-Wheel Games: Money wheel games are often limited to live casino sites. These games involve betting on a number and seeing if that number comes up on a giant spinning money wheel. Money wheel games which feature multipliers will often allow players to bag rather considerable prizes if their luck is in.
  • Live Football Studio, Dragon Tiger and Others: Some casino software providers have gone above and beyond when looking for creative new live dealer titles. Football Studio is Evolution Gaming’s attempt at a sports betting/live dealer fusion game, and Dragon Tiger is a popular Asian casino game which can be found in live casinos. A handful of other oddities, such as Casino War may also be available, but these vary from site to site.

Video Poker

For players who don’t fancy taking on the dealer or other players, there is always video poker. This option is also ideal for poker newbies, who want to try and hone their skills before playing with the big boys. Video poker is based on the electronic poker titles which were a significant hit in casinos during the 70s and 80s. These games are solely about building the best hand you possibly can, and if that hand matches one of those on the paytable, you will win.

  • Single-Hand Games: A wealth of different single-hand video poker games can be played online. The bog standard is Jacks or Better, but games like Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild, and others all add their own touch to the rules. Some video poker games have rule changes and wild cards which allow non-conventional hands to be used. Any video poker game with significant rule changes will likely require players to have at least a three-of-a-kind to win, but the prizes tend to be far better than in Jacks or Better.
  • Multi-Hand Games: Video poker can often be played as a multi-hand game at online casinos, too. When it is, players will get to wager on several hands (up to 100) at once. Whatever cards are held will appear in all the hands, but new cards will be dealt to all the others. This can make winning a lot easier, but the prizes tend to be smaller to compensate for that.

Other Ways to Bet Online

Some online casinos (known as all-in-one casinos) tend to offer different ways to bet online, too. It is not uncommon for these hugely popular and famous casinos to provide the following gambling games alongside casino titles…

  • Sports Bets: Many high-street bookies also run casino sites. Alongside those casino games, you will also be able to bet on sporting events, politics, horse races and many other markets, all with one account.
  • Bingo: Players in the United Kingdom will often be able to play at a casino and bingo site in one. The bingo games offered at these sites tend to be far more extensive than the pithily few found in standard casinos. 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo games, coveralls, snowballs and 1TG and 2TG competitions are often found in such sites.
  • Poker: The big all-in-one casinos will typically have poker rooms available, too. Although they aren’t for the faint-hearted, some do offer poker schools and beginners tables. They are the places to head to if you fancy poker tournament gameplay, as the selection of games available is far more professional than anything you will find in a generic online casino.

The Final Word…

Players should bear in mind that not all casino sites will offer all the above games. However, most of the respected and trusted domains will provide you with most (if not all) of the above. Now that you know a bit about games are available in the online casino world, it should be a lot simpler for you decide if playing at a casino is for you, and if so, which one.

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