What is the Difference Between Regular Slots and Jackpot Slots?

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When people talk about playing on different slot games, you will have heard jackpot slots mentioned. These are sometimes located on a menu specifically for them on a casino page, keeping them away from the regular slot games on offer. As a new player you may be intrigued by these, but do you know what they are, and do you know the difference between regular slots and jackpot slots?

Key features of jackpot slot games

The obvious difference here can be found in the name when you play a jackpot slot you are playing for a big rolling jackpot. Some of the more advanced jackpot slots, Mega Moolah, for example, have more than one jackpot to aim at and your winnings will depend on where you land when spinning the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel. They have a mini, minor, major and mega jackpot on offer, with the last-named being the biggest and offering players the chance to win millions.

There are other ways to win on the wheel by lining up the game icons on the same pay line, although that is it and there are no real features or special advanced bonus rounds of the game that you can visit. The Mega Moolah game is one of the most popular, and each time a player plays on these type of games, the jackpots will increase and the lucky winner will take even more money home. Due to the popularity of this game, many others have been designed with this in mind, offering simple gameplay, multiple jackpots and the chance to win life-changing amounts of money, this seems to now be the blueprint for a jackpot slot game.

Regular slots advantages

Regular slot games differ from that because they do not focus on the big win, and the jackpot amounts on these slots will be both smaller and fixed, depending on the stake you are playing. They offer similar ways to win small by matching up the symbols, but on top of this, they are also likely to offer further ways to win, which makes them different to the jackpot slots on offer.

Depending on the type of slot game you play, there is also the chance of a bonus section or feature on your game, something you won’t find on a jackpot slot. This adds to the gameplay and gives an added dimension to the game in question, something that casual players who want to play for fun lookout for.

How do they compare?

All of this points to the following. Jackpot slots give you the chance to win what would be a life-changing sum of money with just one lucky spin, and that is the main focus of those games. Regular slots give you the chance to win, and they have jackpots associated with them, but these are much smaller. However, what these games do have over jackpot slots is a fun element, regular slots are designed to grip the player and give them a fun gaming experience. From additional symbols to look out for to special features and bonus sections, these games are all designed to give you something of interest while playing.

What about the casual players?

For those who are looking for a casual gaming session, regular slots are likely to provide you with that, and with so many to choose from on the big casino sites you will have no problem finding a theme that matches what you want. Jackpot slots are available, and you can try these if you wish, with these games being all about landing that huge life-changing win if you are lucky.

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