Best Live Casinos for 2019

Many of you will have noticed when playing at an online casino, that there is a live casino option. This is a great way for the players that wish to enjoy playing their favourite casino games in an environment that closely replicates that which can be find at a land based high street casino. Without having to leave the house and visit one but still contains a wide range of games and live casino products.

When you have chosen from the games available that you wish to play at the live casino, you will then be moved to a live stream where you will have a real professional dealer who deals the cards out to those participating or spins the roulette wheel, depending on which game you are in.

Live casino sites have been around for a relatively long amount of time, and ever since our internet connections started improving, online casinos deemed it worthy to offer live video streaming and use technology which allows players to join in the game and play. The atmosphere created by the live casinos is why a lot of players are beginning to seek out this type of experience ahead of the regular online casinos.

Some players don’t particularly like using online casino services as they feel as though the software could be manipulated; even though we assure you this isn’t the case, it sometimes does feel more involving and immersive to join a live casino game. Online casinos have recognised that this is potentially something that will only grow further in popularity and more and more are now providing this platform for their players to participate in.

Reasons To Choose Live Casino Sites:

  • If you are already a member of a reputable online casino site, there is a good chance that they will have a live casino baked into their services, this means that you will have an easy time visiting the live section as you won’t need to up sticks and find a new casino entirely.
  • The removal of the computer as a dealer makes the games feel a lot more real and this level of realism is something that many people are seeking to play online but perhaps don’t have the time to get out and visit a live casino.
  • You can enjoy some of the most popular casino games, such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat with the luxury of having a live dealer catering to your needs.
  • The dealers who are interacting and overseeing the games are incredibly knowledgeable regarding all the products and services that they offer. This is something that you just wouldn’t expect to receive at a regular online casino.
  • All of the actions made by the live dealer are streamed over the internet in real time to your computer or mobile device.

The Live Casino & How It Works:

The process of playing at a live casino is quite similar to that of playing at an online casino, so if you are familiar with this and haven’t made the switch yet; this is something that might be a pleasant surprise for you. Instead of seeing a computer generating images with an outcome, whether it’s a dice roll or cards being dealt, you will have a real person at your table managing it all. This can only work for games that require a dealer so don’t expect to find any video slots or progressive jackpots, instead you will mainly find a range of games like live Baccarat, live Blackjack and live Roulette games that are hosted by a live dealer.

Most of the screen will be utilised by the video stream and, usually, on the right or somewhere close by is where you will find the interactive section that you can add bets and speak to the other players through live chat, who are also participating. The screen will tell you when you can make your bets and it is likely that the dealer will also notify you; so then you can make your bets, delivering a gaming experience close to that as if you were playing at a real casino. When you factor in details such as that players can seek this experience from their mobile or tablet, it really opens your eyes as to what is capable. Nowadays, plenty of iPad casinos offer the live casino option, so you don’t ever have to miss out.

More On The Live Dealers:

A hugely appealing aspect of playing at a live casino are the live dealers, these are often attractive women who make spending your time and hard earnt money easy. If there is a professional live dealer that you prefer, you can choose to play when they are available.  Some live dealers look after their players differently and will interact with you on a more personal level, this isn’t for everyone and this largely comes down to personal preference.

It is not uncommon to have a biography on the live casino that talks about the different live dealers in more detail. This way you can have a brief overview of each dealer’s personality and interests that you can weigh up, before you choose to play at their table.

What Kind Of Technology Can You Expect To Find At A Live Casino:

Technology is seemingly running away with itself these days and as soon as the next big thing is out, the one after that is not far behind. Online casinos are already a quality technical advancement that we are able to take advantage of but a live casino is pushing the boundaries and the online gaming industry to the next level. Due to how popular 4K video capabilities are getting, it was only a matter of time before the online casino industry dabbled in UHD video streaming and we are comfortably at the stage where you can stream the live casino games to your device in full 4K resolution.

Live casinos are usually recorded and broadcast from a studio similar to a television set, that has been manipulated to look and feel like and real land based, brick and mortar establishment from the United Kingdom. This might come as a surprise to some, but you quickly forget about this when you are sat in the presence of the beautiful live dealer you chose and feeling the exhilaration that is the closest you will get to a high street casino, without having to leave your house.

As we touched on earlier, the only limitation that comes with a live casino is the fact that you don’t have as much variety as you can expect to have with the online casino section. Players are limited to live dealer games such as live Blackjack, live Roulette and live Baccarat.

The Evolution Of Live Dealer Casinos:

The online gambling genre is one that is ever changing and evolving, as they are always trying to stay ahead of the curve in a very competitive industry. Because of this, live casinos were born and have firmly cemented themselves as a favourite amongst players, even to this day. High street casinos are still massively popular to this day but players often feel as though they don’t want to dress up to go out, or that they have perhaps just finished work and the commute to the nearest casino is too far for a midweek endeavour and it’s because of this that live casinos have been able to thrive and grow into what they are presently.

For many players, a standard online casino is enough to quench their thirst for gambling, but some just want that extra “je ne sais quoi” that only a live casino offers.

What Else Can You Find At A Live Casino:

Considering the fact that a live casino is an extension of the online casino, this is great news for the players who like to dabble in a bit of everything; as they can expect to find other fun casino games available to play online, such as sports betting, table games like blackjack, roulette, slot games and video poker.

Welcome Offers & Promotions:

With so many different online casinos now offering a live casino option, with this comes a huge amount of diversity surrounding welcome bonuses and live casino bonuses that are offered to players, when they sign up and register a new account. This can be a truly great way of starting your live casino journey by putting your best foot forward and whether this is a typical matched deposit bonus or a number of free spins that can be redeemed at the online casino section.

Lots of casinos now have VIP schemes in place that are there to reward the regular players who frequent the online establishment and these are often better than anything you would find in a real casino. The VIP rewards could range from weekly prizes all the way up to free tickets and trips around the world, so if you think you are the type of player who likes to choose a casino and stick to it, this could a much more lucrative way of spending your time.

We always advise our players to pick a casino with a welcome bonus or reward scheme that best suits their own individual needs, and therefore the casinos on our list all have great welcome bonuses that can see you receiving rewards on up to your first six deposits.