A Swedish Player Wins Over £2.1 Million on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune Slot

NetEnt’s popular progressive jackpot slot has made another multi-millionaire. A Swedish player at Hyper Casino has landed a 26,958,246 SEK win, which is more than £2.1 million.

After confessing that his previous biggest win was 10,000 SEK, the lucky winner admitted that winning over 25 million Swedish kronor was unbelievable. But what’s even more unbelievable is the fact that with this win, the player has become the first millionaire jackpot winner in the newly re-regulated Swedish market!

The Epic Win

The story on how all of it happened is really incredible. Namely, the player started playing Mega Fortune, and right after he reached the innermost wheel of the bonus game, the game froze. He then contacted the Customer Support at Hyper Casino to explain his problem and report that the game had stopped working.

Considering the Support has no influence over the game outcomes or the performance of the slots, all they could do was contact NetEnt and ask the developer to fix the round that got stuck.

After a seven-day wait, the developer broke the silence by informing the lucky player that he had won 26,958,246 SEK! The game actually froze because of the jackpot server’s verification process.

The winner is still in shock, saying that all of this was unreal. He has never considered him lucky until he won the jackpot prize. After admitting that he still hasn’t told his family about the life-changing sum that he had just won, he commented on how he would be spending his prize. He said that he would sit down with his family, inform them and share his luck with them. Since he has always loved and had a huge urge to travel, he explained that he would probably visit Bora Bora, as it had always been his dream destination, but he could never afford to visit it.

Hyper Casino’s Statement

The CEO at Hyper Casino said that everyone was absolutely thrilled with the massive win and congratulated the lucky winner on his game-changing jackpot prize.

Hyper Casino has tailored a product for the Swedish market, offering Swedish players plenty of winning chances and a wide range of jackpot games they could try. This win, the CEO said, showed that the casino is one of the top gaming destinations for players from the Swedish market, stating they hope that they would soon be celebrating many other big winners from the country in the near future. The win will certainly be remembered because with it, the lucky winner became the first ever to have won a multi-million jackpot prize in the Swedish market.

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