Bankroll Management Tips for Slot Enthusiasts

The one thing all slot enthusiasts wants to know is what bankroll management and stake tips can maximise your online gaming experience. In the management of slot bankrolls, it comes down to two major decisions, the percentage of your money played per session as well as the amount budgeted for a slot session including the amount wagered per spin.

There are several generic management guidelines when it comes to bankroll management, although there are several influencing factors, including the following:

  • Personal Financial Setup
  • Types of Games Enjoyed
  • Primary Reason for Playing Slots
  • Comps & Bonuses Offered via Online Casino

What is recommended is that you scan through the guidelines to get a general idea of the slot money management and then factor in your personal principles, standards, values and ethics. Once you are perfectly honest with yourself, it becomes much easier to come up with a management system that could last over many years to come.

General Slot Bankroll Management Guidelines – The Starting Points

When it comes to the percentage of money per session, most players have a separate amount set aside for gambling, which makes the starting point the amount of cash budgeted per playing session. Even though this is a general point, it remains a smart idea.

The way to determine the budgeted amount per session is to ask yourself what the amount is you are prepared to lose if it comes down to the worst in the upcoming months. In order to keep the numbers easily understandable, we use a rounded figure of $1,000 for example.

While ignoring all the important information on how often you enjoy online entertainment, for now, the range per session would be around 5% up to 10% of the available bankroll or budget. If we work on the $1,000 budget, it means spending a maximum of $50 up to $100 per session.

A big decision maker or breaker is deciding on how much you should use per spin, if the gaming session is at a budget of $50, after using the general guidelines. There are a few ways to further break down the factors that need to be considered, and here the starting point would be aiming for 100 spins on a specific slots game. The reason we look at 100 spins is that it should be adequate in hitting bonus round as well as seeing some winnings, still if it is an unlucky session your money could simply just drain away. While we are focussing on personal or player factors the amount wagered per spins also plays a big part in determining bankroll management. If the playing session will last hours, the best way to make your bankroll last is to make smaller bets, while if you were only planning a quick spinning session, you might want to place larger bets.

Then there are also numerous factors that are more specific to the game. These include the return to a player percentage and game variance. (The return to player or RTP percentage being the long-term coinage return by the slot, while the slot variant indicates the short-term winning ratio). If the slot variance is high, the winnings are fewer, while the payouts are larger. If the slot falls in the low variance category, then wins are more frequent although much smaller.

General Slot Bankroll Management Guidelines Adjusted to Your Personal Need or Criteria

Based on the general guidelines after starting with 100 spins according to the 5% up to 10% rule, it would be time to adjust up or down, this part would be based on unique factors such as your personal ability to reload, game variance, slot RTP percentage and the bonuses offered by the casino.

Reload Ability

When it comes down to the reloadability, it actually depends on how generous or tight your budget is, if you are on a strict budget you need to remain as close as possible to the 5% per session rule. Should you be in a position where you could spare a bit more, then the 10% might just be a bit restrictive, although it is highly recommended that you try to stick to it.

Low vs High Variance Slots

If it is chasing progressive jackpots or wins worth 250x your bet or more, you should be strict on bankroll management. But in the case where your primary goal is to enjoy the entertainment offered by casino slots, and you satisfied with games in the lower variance category, the 10% rule could be just fine.

Slot RTP

There are several slots that’s takes a larger percentage of your coins, and it varies from 90% returns to 97% or more, with most of the popular slots somewhere in the middle. The players that have the worst deal when it comes to RTP are those preferring smaller stakes, switching to higher RTP games offers more flexibility overall in the bankroll.

Casino Bonuses Available

With plenty of competition amongst online casinos, there is always free bonus funds to take advantage of, by accepting a bonus your bankroll is increased, and your playtime extended, while your chances of winning are also much bigger.

The Impact of Casino Bonuses on Bankroll Management

Few online players realize just how beneficial online casino bonuses and promotions are when it comes to managing your slots bankroll. By accepting a bonus, you not only massively increase your bankroll, but you can also select games featuring more favourable RTPs and enjoy a few spins on high variance slots. There are a great variety of bonuses well worth accepting, and these include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, special promotions, free spins and loyalty rewards.

Welcome Bonuses

At most online casinos, registering a new account puts you in the favourable position to qualify for a 100% or even high percentage-based match bonus. Some operators offer a welcome package consisting of several bonuses spread across three to five months. Several bonus-packages also include free spins, and even around 500 loyalty points. The other huge benefit of accepting a welcome or sign-up bonus is that the wagering requirements are in general lower and quicker to complete.

Reload Bonuses

If your bankroll is near depleted and you planning to top it up via another deposit, few casino bonuses come in as handy as the reload bonus. Reload bonuses, like welcome bonuses, offer a percentage-based match bonus, although it is not as high as sign up offers it can increase your deposit tremendously.

Online Casino Promotions

Most of the major online casino offers daily, weekly and monthly promotions well worth grabbing if your bankroll is it needs an extra boost.

Free Spins

Free spins can be part of a welcome package, offered as a one-off promotion, or as a reload bonus and are often used to celebrate new slot launches. By accepting a free spin bonus, you could be one of the first to enjoy spins on the latest releases.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty is rewarded via a points system, players get to collect points, and once they have enough, these points can be exchanged for cash, other bonuses such as free spins or deposit bonuses or other goodies. If you are low on cash and wish to continue playing, a loyalty bonus could provide that little bit of a boost you so desperately need.

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