Evolution Gaming Launches Monopoly Live Based on the Most Popular Board Game

Evolution Gaming, the leader in Live Casino solutions, takes the world’s most popular board game and brings it to Live Casino gaming. In association with SG and Hasbro, Evolution has launched Monopoly Live, a unique live casino game that is set out to redefine live casino gaming experience.

Monopoly Live

Created in partnership with Hasbro and with a sublicense from SG, Monopoly Live presents the perfect mix of live casino and board gaming. Available only from Evolution, Monopoly Live is a special edition of Dream Catcher money wheel, a successful live game by the developer.

Players will get to enjoy the suspense and the excitement of the board game enhanced with 3D and augmented reality advanced technologies.

A live host will be the one that spins the super-sized wheel, and the player will need to predict the segment on which the wheel will stop. There are segments with numbers, as well as the ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ spots. For the correct guess, the player will receive the corresponding payout.

The ‘Chance’ segments are also present. If the wheel stops at ‘Chance’, Mr.Monopoly gives the player a card that either reveals a cash prize or the Multiplier Bonus. If the player gets the Multiplier Bonus, the host spins the wheel again, and the winnings of that spin get multiplied. If the wheel in that spin stops at the Multiplier segment, the Multiplier gets multiplied.

In case the wheel stops at the ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ segments for which the player has placed a bet, the 3D Bonus round will become active. This is when the game takes Mr.Monopoly and the player to augmented reality, in a 3D Monopoly World. Here, the player sees the 3D board with the familiar elements from Monopoly, the hotels, houses, Super Tax, Jail, Chance, Community Chest and GO elements. This is when Multipliers, prizes and other rewards are given to the player.

Statements by Evolution and Hasbro

Todd Haushalter, the CPO of Evolution stated that the game is a true breakthrough for the iGaming industry, which redefines the Live Casino experience with the popularity of the world’s most loved brand, Monopoly. With the advanced technologies such as augmented reality, the game is like no other ever developed before. Offering unique gaming, with a live host, a thrilling Bonus game with Mr.Monopoly in his 3D version in the 3D Monopoly world, the fun money wheel game, and the familiar Monopoly elements, the game really redefines live casino gaming and its launch presents a landmark moment for the developer.

Hasbro’s SVE of Corporate Strategy and Business Affairs Mark Blecher explained that they are always eager to see Monopoly fans interact with the brand in new, innovative ways. Blecher added that seeing Mr.Monopoly in a 3D version hosting the board game and bringing the real-estate world into Live Casino gaming was really exciting for everyone at Hasbro.

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