Fantasma Games Third to Join Yggdrasil’s YGS Master Programme

The newest addition to the Yggdrasil Game Server Programme is Fantasma Games. Fantasma Games is the third independent gaming studio to join the YGS Masters Programme, following the steps of Northern Lights, which joined on April 17th and Rabcat, which signed the deal on June 13th. The Fantasma partnership will come to fruition in 2019 since their first games will be released then and will be available to all Yggdrasil operators.

Fantasma Games shows great potential, since it is a young gaming studio based in Stockholm, with great, innovative game ideas and quite the ambitious plans for the future.

The Statement of Yggdrasil’s Head of Studio Partnerships

Stuart McCarthy, the Head of Studio Partnerships at Yggdrasil expressed their excitement for starting working with Fantasma’s talented team. He said that they will be engaged and committed to nurturing their creative ideas actively, and as a result, bring a fresh and thrilling content to the online gaming market.

In addition, McCarthy says that they have examined Fantasma’s roadmap and believe that the combination of Fantasma’s strong, refreshing content and Yggdrasil’s constant penetration in the market is a winner. He adds that this partnership marks a great step of the Programme as they continue adding world-class game studios to it.

The Fantasma Games CEO’s Assertion

Fredrik Johansson, the CEO of Fantasma Games explained that their passion is in the creation of slots inspired by gaming, not gambling. They enjoy creating slots beyond the scope of gambling and are looking forward to further develop their ideas with Yggdrasil, the world’s leader in slot innovation.

Johansson is positive that by joining the Programme, they will finally get the opportunity to make their casino games even better and to further expand their reach among Europe’s top operators. He then added that Fantasma’s team is convinced that this partnership will take the studio to new heights.

What Does the YGS Masters Programme Offer?

The YGS Masters is Yggdrasil’s strategic initiative based on the need for platform where well-established partners with futuristic technology will offer their support to independent suppliers.

Yggdrasil announced the Programme on March 8th this year, explaining that it is a semi-open, invite-only platform where independent gaming studios will be able to develop titles for Yggdrasil. The games studios will have access to BOOST™ in-game promotional tools, which they can use to develop their own versions within their game clients. This also gives them the ability to run network campaigns.

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