Guts Casino Invites You to Play Live Roulette Throughout March and Win Bonus Cash


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We know you must have a lucky number, but at Guts Casino, you can have a different (or the same) lucky number every day, and still come out as a winner.

In fact, at Guts Casino, you can win up to €40 cash prizes daily, with the Live Roulette Calendar promo.

So if you’re a live casino connoisseur and roulette is your live game of choice, join Guts Casino (if you still haven’t) opt-in and start playing – the prizes will soon follow!

Live Roulette Calendar

If your lucky number of the day lands in the right pocket of Gut Casino’s NetEnt Live Roulette table, you could win up to €40 every day!

All you will need to do is place a €1 or more on any inside bet at Gut Casino’s Live Roulette games, developed by none other than NetEnt, the greatest developer of our time. If the number that rolls in on the wheel is the same as the day of the month you’ve placed an active bet of €1 or more, you’ll win €10 in cash. This is how it goes: if for instance, the number that rolls in on the wheel is 19 and it is 19th of March, you’d be a winner if you have an active inside bet.

Additionally, if that same number that rolls in on the wheel shows the exact number that you have put a €1 or more bet on, you’ll receive €30 in cash! This means if on the 19th of March, the number 19 has rolled in on the wheel and you have previously put an active €1 straight up number bet on the number 19, you’d be the winner of the €30 in cash.

Rules to Consider

The promotional period for the Live Roulette Calendar is from 00:00 on the 1st of March until 23:59 on the 31st of March, 2019. It is only valid for playing at Live Roulette tables by NetEnt. If you’re a Canadian, Swedish or UK player, you are not eligible to claim this offer.

In case you have put the bet on the right number and you win a cash reward, it will be paid out to you instantly. But remember, to qualify for both the €10 lucky number and the €30 straight up lucky number rewards, you will need to bet at least €1 on the number that is the same as the day of the month you have placed the bet. A straight number bet that covers one number pays 35:1.

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