Major Millions Jackpot Landed Worth $1.8 Million

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The Major Millions jackpot slot has been the friend of one lucky punter over the weekend when they landed the jackpot on the game. The prize had been mounting for some time and was well over the general average when it comes to prizes on this game. In fact, it was so high that this payout is recorded as the fourth largest jackpot payout from this game since it began.

Average jackpot payouts from this slot game have been around $700,000 for the lucky winners, which makes this jackpot over double that. The exact figure won was $1,870,325 by the lucky player, who will no doubt have been delighted at the time.

The Major Millions progressive jackpot game has a jackpot that increases every spin of the reels, which is why the winnings from this game can be so high. Players play the game all over the world and every time someone plays, they are contributing to the big jackpot on offer.

To win the jackpot of one of Microgaming’s acclaimed online slots you have to line up five progressive jackpot symbols across the 15th pay line on the game. With a total of 15 pay lines, this is a jackpot slot game that gives you more chances to win than many that are on the market. These games are all focused around the big win, but having other chances to win smaller amounts every time you spin the reels is why this game has the fanbase it has developed over the years.

Jackpot slots are played and loved by people all over the world. The main aim of them is to land the big jackpot, just like this lucky player did here. You often won’t find the additional bonus features on jackpot slots that you would find elsewhere on regular slot games, these games are all about the big win.

Just like any other progressive jackpot game, the jackpot has been reset after this win and players who are playing will now be adding to the prize pool for next time. This game is likely to receive a little more interest and attention as most games do after a big win, so don’t be surprised to see the current jackpot shoot up over the coming days and weeks as news of this big win spreads.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the $1.8 million prize on the Major Millions jackpot slot.

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