NetEnt’s Progressive Jackpot Slot Mega Fortune Has Awarded €3.5 Million Again!

A German slots player from Lower Saxony, Germany has become a millionaire overnight, playing NetEnt’s progressive jackpot slot, Mega Fortune, and has become the lucky winner of €3.5 million. While playing at PokerStars Casino, this fortunate journalist has hit one of the biggest jackpot prizes in online casinos, the Mega Fortune jackpot. The €3.5 million is actually the biggest recorded payout at PokerStars since the day it went live.

This mega-popular progressive jackpot slot has made 8 casual online casino players millionaires in 2018 alone. Although the €3.5 million jackpot is now in the hands of the German journalist, a new progressive jackpot cycle begins at Mega Fortune and players should expect a new jackpot looming in the horizon maybe even before the end of the year. So, other casual players who fell short of a chance to win a jackpot should not be disappointed, as Mega Fortune is really on a streak.

How Much Did He Bet and How Did It All Happen?

Believe it or not, the German has placed a bet of just €2.5. He had a rough night and arrived home late, around 9 pm, so he decided to de-stress playing the Mega Fortune slot and try his luck.

Not long after he started spinning did he won Free Spins. After the second free spin, he had won the Bonus Game which in turn led him to hit this whopping jackpot amount. All of this happened while he was heating dinner in the oven. The symbols aligned and left him in disbelief. He actually became one of several Mega Fortune-made millionaires, just like that.

The Winner’s Plans

After hitting the jackpot, the new millionaire rushed to tell the news to his wife, who just as shocked, couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

They have already made plans for the money. They will buy a holiday home, an SUV, renovate their existing home and set some money aside for college since they have 2 children. In addition, they’ll share some of their funds with their other family members in need.

NetEnt’s Statement

Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer has released a statement, saying that Mega Fortune “has once again underlined its legendary status among slots players”.

With 8 over-a-million jackpots in a year, this life-changing slot by NetEnt keeps on breaking records. “This time it has paid out the biggest cash prize in Stars’ history, with the jackpot swelling the number of Mega fortune millionaires to eight in 2018”, said Fagerlund.



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