The iPhone 11 Range Is Here & This Is What It Means for Mobile Gaming

iphone 11 pro banner image

The time has finally come, Apple have announced the release of the new iPhone range which includes the 11, 11 Pro and the Pro Max. 3 spectacular and outstanding mobile phones which will certainly take the world by storm. In this page we will be giving you the very best information on the highly anticipated brand new iPhone range so sit back and enjoy.

Apple are one of the biggest companies in the world and every time they release new devices it is like the whole world stops and all the attention is diverted to them because their excellence which is always consistent is second to none.

The iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max which are going to be available for people to buy on the 20th September 2019 is truly phenomenal and the expectations of it are majorly high. We know that these magnificent phones are the ones to watch right now and we also know that they could shape the mobile casino industry going forward! By the end of this page you will know just why this spectacular range of mobile devices are the hottest pieces of technology at this current time.


Being a huge fan of Apple products, I always look at the design first because iPhones are renowned for their slick designs on their products and this is certainly the case for the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max. All 3 of these extraordinary mobile phones have such an unreal design which will definitely blow your mind. The best things are that they are thin, light, easy to carry and look immensely beautiful!

These iPhones really are such handy mobile devices to have and I must say that the design plays a huge role, not only are these well-developed phones extremely easy to just slide in a pocket or pouch whilst you are on the go, they also look majorly attractive too which I think is one of the best features by far.

Apple have ensured that buyers can choose from a good variety of colours when it comes to these 3 insane phones, the colours that the new iPhone range comes in are red, mint green, black, yellow, purple and white.


Lets face it, a mobile phone is nothing without a screen, no matter how good the phone is, if the screen is not up to scratch then the phone is not worth buying and it can end up being a huge let down for many.

I am glad to inform you that Apple have proven that they really are the best phone developer in the world yet again because the screen on the iPhone 11 is truly marvelous. This phone has the finest of screens, the quality and resolution is impeccable which is obviously a massive plus, especially for those of you who love scrolling through Instagram and capturing the finest of images.

Another excellent feature has to be the size of the screen on these fine pieces of art, listed below are the screen sizes of these world-class mobiles.

  • iPhone 11 – 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 11 Pro – 5.8 inches.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – 6.5 inches.

All 3 phones have large screens which is great to see, this is perfect for those who love playing on the latest casino apps and games which we know are booming right now. In addition to this, your favourite slots and poker games will look impeccable on these fabulous screens which means your overall gaming experience will certainly be a joyful one!


Overall, Apple have managed another years of impressing the online phone world, the technology giants never fail to impress us and with the release of these 3 extraordinary phones my ratings for them as a company have rocketed immensely!

The iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max are 3 totally wonderful mobile phones which I personally think are the best phones to ever grace this planet. With insane quality from the appearance to the interface and even the way it runs, Apple have developed true masterpieces and I recommend anybody who is reading this to go out there and get their hands on them straight away because they really are one of a kind!

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