The Most Popular Gambling Superstitions

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While these don’t affect every single player who plays inside an online casino, there are many players who follow certain superstitions and rituals when gambling. Some players may do something that is personal to them because it has worked before in the past while others may choose to follow one of the many popular gambling superstitions that we hear about.

You may think you don’t have one, although most players do and this could be something you don’t even realise you are doing. Things like playing for a particular amount. Or using a lucky number, playing games in a certain order or something else that you do every time you play because it has worked in the past. These are all different types of superstitions that you have added to your gaming.

While many players have their own way of doing things, some superstitions have grown into big worldwide acts that players from all over are repeating in the hope of being lucky. Here are just a handful of the most popular gambling superstitions we see used on a regular basis.

Lucky Numbers

We all have our own lucky numbers, whether this be a birthday, an important date or something else. Many players around the world will play on casino games such as roulette and use these lucky numbers to their advantage. There are some players who simply cannot place a bet on the roulette wheel without covering a lucky number of theirs, this is something a lot of players do.

Around the world, there are two number that people associate with being lucky and unlucky, and these are numbers 7 and 13. If you were to go around the world and ask people what number is associated with being a lucky number then many would say the number 7. This is even more important for those who play casino games as the number 7 is used in many of them as a good symbol, giving you a big win, which adds weight to the theory that the number 7 is very lucky.

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It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that some people will place a bet on the number 7 every time they play roulette, or they will look out for it as a good sign in other games.

The number 13 has very different meanings to it depending on where you are in the world. Generally speaking, it is a number that is considered unlucky by many, and one to avoid. Through many parts of Europe and in North America you will find players that specifically miss out the number 13 when they are betting as they see the number as bad luck. There are even reports of hotels in the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas, where the floors will skip the 13th floor, and the room numbers will also miss that number, jumping straight from room 12 to room 14. This is all playing into the belief that gamblers hold that this is an unlucky number, but it shows you just how big a superstition this one is.

However, if you go to Asia you will hear a very different story. In Asia, the number 13 is said to be one of the symbols of good luck. This means that they hold the number 13 in the same regard as they do the number 7, and because of this, it is seen to be a sought after and popular number on their gaming tables.

Whether it is using numbers of your own or using 7 and 13 which have worldwide recognition as being lucky or unlucky, playing with your lucky numbers and avoiding the unlucky ones is seen as the most popular gambling superstition right now.

Crossing Fingers

Something that pretty much everyone will have heard of overtime. On a daily basis, when someone tells you that they are awaiting news or results of some kind, the general response is usually ‘fingers crossed’ and this is a nod to this gambling superstitions.

Whether you have actually done it yourself, said it to someone or had it said to you before, you will have heard of and being a part of the use of this saying. Those who believe in it as a gambling superstition will sit with their fingers crossed during play, in the hope that this brings them luck in the game.

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There is, of course, no reason to believe that this works, but it is a superstition that you will get yourself heavily involved with if it does work on your first few tries. This is something that has led to many gamblers constantly crossing their fingers when they are watching the roulette wheel turn or looking at the cards being dealt on a blackjack table.

Superstitious players will believe that they have struck gold and found their way to win if they do this and it works, and then it becomes part of their gambling routine for the rest of their life, whether it works or not.

The Colour Red

This is a superstition that has come from Asia, although it is one known to people all over the world either by using the colour red or using their own lucky colour. Those in Asia believe that red is a sign of prosperity, with Chinese people putting huge emphasis on this. This leads to some Chinese gamblers using the colour red and wearing it in some way, either by wearing a red shirt, red socks or maybe even red trousers.

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While the colour and clothes combo may not be used by everyone else around the world like that, there will be many people that use one of these. Whether it is by wearing your lucky pair of socks when you play in your favourite casino or wearing your blue shirt because blue is your favourite colour. These all seem like little things, but they give you something to wear while you are playing because it is your favourite, or because of the colour it is, which is exactly where the red Chinese superstition came from.

To Watch or Look Away?

Have you ever played a big hand before and looked away because you couldn’t bear to watch whether you win or not? If you won, then the next time you played a big hand you will have either looked away again, or you will have thought about looking away. It is a big gambling moment that usually sets this off, and more often than not it is because people win when they look away, so they begin to look away whenever there is a big hand in front of them that could win them a lot of money.

There are some people who want to watch every second of the game, to see exactly how things play out, but those who are superstitious may choose to look away if this has worked in the past. The roulette wheel is probably the most commonplace to see this happening, with players putting their bets down and then when the ball begins to spin, they will look away. They won’t turn around until they hear what number has been called, so they know whether they have won or lost before they see the table again.

Are You Superstitious?

In reality, superstitions are a little bit of fun between yourself and friends or even yourself and your own mind. Whether you watch the roulette wheel spin or not, has no impact on what number the ball will land on. Regardless of the clothes and colours you are wearing, your chances of winning remain the same. The table or cards you are using don’t know that you have your fingers crossed and although there are lucky numbers around the world, these have no greater chance of coming out than any other number on the table. However, we all still continue to use our own little superstitions, either those above or variations of them. This is one of the fun parts of playing casino games, and long may these continue.

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