UKGC Published Its 2019-2020 Business Plan Which Focuses on Players’ Protection and Raising Standards

A few days ago, the UK Gambling Commission has published its 2019-2020 Business Plan, highlighting all the regulatory points that need improvement, and the strategies on how to improve them. The regulator outlined the 5 main areas of focus in terms of players’ protection and the milestones they intend to complete in the year ahead.

The Business Plan

The UKGC’s 11-page Business Plan covers the 5 key points they intend to attend to, as well as a diagram of the fee income, broken down in categories. At the very first two pages, there is a statement issued by Neil McArthur, the UKGC’s Chief Executive, who summarizes all the changes that need to be made and gives his promise to do what the UKGC is supposed to do: guide and advice on how to make gambling safer and fairer.

In his statement, McArthur points out that the Business Plan represents all the projects and milestones the Commission will complete in the following year, complementing the overall 2018-2021 Strategy. The UKGC’s aim is to make gambling safer for players, and as McArthur said, even though he’s satisfied with the progress of the Strategy, there is so much more that needs to be done. As he said, the UKGC’s main role is to establish a balance between the enjoyment players get and the risks that arise from gambling. Assessing the risks from gambling by looking at the products offered, providers and places where players gamble is their main objective.

In the diagram, the Commission displayed the fee income which represents 0.2% of the industry’s revenue, broken down in categories. The largest part of the income comes from casinos and betting, while smaller percentages come from machines, arcades, lotteries and bingo.

The 5 Strategic Priorities Listed in the Plan

The UKGC listed five priorities: improving the way they regulate, optimizing returns to good causes from lotteries, raising standards in the market, preventing gambling harm to players and the public and protecting the interests of players.

In short, the main focus of the UK Gambling Commission is to raise the standards of player protection and demonstrate that operators know their players and know how to protect them. The Commission will support operators by encouraging engagement and collaboration through workshops, partnership working and interactive events, and when needed, they will pursue those who breach the regulations and will continue to be rough when absolutely necessary. They will also explore gambling on credit cards by reviewing evidence from their call for action and will improve players’ complaint processes.

In addition, the Commission introduced a new National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, which will drive sustained and real progress and comes into effect at the same time as the Business Plan. And finally, they will make sure to get more sustainable funding by optimizing returns to good causes from lotteries for education, treatment and prevention of gambling, making sure the results are evaluated.

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