UK’s Leading Bank Challenger Cashplus Launches a Tool for Blocking Credit Card Gambling

Cashplus, a leader in UK banking services, has announced the launch of the first one-click credit card gambling blocking tool. Following the concern of the public, the anti-gambling campaigners and the UK government, Cashplus has decided to provide its customers with an option to block gambling transactions any time they want or need.

With over 1.5 million UK customers registered, Cashplus is considered to be taking the first positive action for the prevention of problem gambling and addiction, as stated by several anti-gambling campaigners who supported this move.

The Reason: Gambling Using Credit Cards Considered as a Key Issue

As the COO of Cashplus Paul Schooley said, many campaigners and members of the public considered gambling online using credit cards as a major issue, therefore, the company gave its customers the option to block gambling transactions whenever they see fit.

The UK government proposed the credit card gambling block a few months ago, with the Sports Minister in the front rows. She stated that this type of gambling imposed a way greater risk for those vulnerable and underage players. As she said, using credit cards, players were spending more than they can afford. Soon after that, the UKGC called the members of the public and all gambling businesses and shareholders to provide data and evidence on this type of gambling and on improving harmful gambling control measures.

To join the cause, Cashplus has developed an in-app tool which enables current account credit card blocking, in addition to ATM withdrawal blocking. As Schooley said, the tool will give Cashplus’ customers a one-click option to block gambling transactions to safeguard their businesses or whenever they were struggling with addiction. He also announced that the company was considering building more similar useful features that will make a difference.

The tool applies for both personal and business cards, giving businesses the means to stop any intentions of using company credit cards for gambling purposes by fraud or misuse. The tool gives Cashplus’ customers easy ways to restrict spending for gambling purposes. Cashplus’s customers can request for the tool by calling Cashplus’ phone service centre, which will be activated by the following day.

Praises by Anti-Gambling Campaigners

As soon as the news about the blockers surfaced, several anti-gambling campaigners welcomed it. Tony Franklin, the campaigner with Gambling Hurts said that with this blocking tool, Cashplus was leading the way to restrict gambling transactions to and from players’ accounts, giving players the chance to control their finances with the functionality to block withdrawals via ATMs. With 430,000 addicts and further 2 million at risk of gambling-related harms in the UK, he said that this tool offered real and practical help.

Lord Chadlington, Action on Addiction’s former Chairman was also pleased to hear about the blocking tool, praising Cashplus for taking positive action to protect those at risk and the vulnerable. Welcoming Cashplus’ voluntary restriction and the much-needed action, he said that the block was the first step towards safer gambling.

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