Welsh Player Lands Big Win at Casumo Casino

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News of a big win has emerged at the Casumo Casino recently, with a player from Wales landing a huge amount. The total prize won by the player was just under £260,000 and it was the Wild Elements slot game where the sum was won. This may not be a game you have heard of before, and actually, anyone who doesn’t play on the Casumo Casino is unlikely to know it, as the game is an exclusive game specially created for this casino only.

Sadia is the name of the customer who won, and she currently works as a shop assistant in Swansea, showing that regular players have just as much chance of winning these big jackpots as serious players. She had been a registered member with Casumo for just four months prior to landing the big win when she struck lucky one day. When landing the win, Sadia was playing from the comfort of her own home and the exact total of the prize was £259,937.62.

She was playing £4 per spin on the slot game when she won the big amount and although it wasn’t her first try at the game, it wasn’t her favourite prior to the big win. She told the casino afterwards that her favourite game was the Viking slot game they have on their site, but that will no doubt change to the Wild Elements slot now!

At the time of the win, she was sat playing in bed after putting her kids to bed. However, not too long after she had been flicking through and playing a few different games she struck gold and landed the big win. She first ran into the kids to wake them up and tell them the news and followed that by telling her husband who was in shock at the win.

The casino were quick to get in touch with Sadia after the big win to speak with her and congratulate her on the amount. She said that she was originally drawn to the casino due to their name and the different feel and look that it had to many other sites she had looked at. She is certainly pleased she made that choice now!

As news spreads of the big win, it will no doubt attract some attention to the Casumo Casino and the games they have on offer. The game that Sadia was playing during the win is the Wild Elements slot, which is exclusive to Casumo at the minute, something that will also attract further attention to the casino as nowhere else can offer players this game at the moment. If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Sadia and try to land an equally big win then you will have to head over to Casumo and play the game on their website.

Congratulations to Sadia on her big win and good look to all those who will no doubt be trying to replicate that over the coming weeks and months!

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