Win the popTicket Raffle at CasinoPop and Visit Valletta, the Beautiful Capital City of Malta

casinopop win a trip to valletta

CasinoPop takes you to Malta this time, to visit the beautiful town of Valletta. With its continuous popTicket raffles, CasinoPop has rewarded hundreds of players and has taken them to the biggest, most attractive travel destinations and metropolises across the world. The next destination: Malta!

To find out what you need to do in order to participate in the raffle and improve your chances of winning in it, continue reading!

popTicket Raffle and the 1st Prize Trip

CasinoPop will pick the Valletta trip winner on the 18th of June, 2019. As you may know from previous popTicket raffles, you will need to play the popSpin game found in the Rewards section at CasinoPop’s website in order to collect popTickets. The more tickets you collect, the better are your odds of winning in the Valletta raffle.

The rules to participate are pretty simple: you play the popSpin game, you win popTickets in it, and all the tickets you win are automatically added to the raffle. Basically, you don’t need to put any further effort. That’s all: you play, you win tickets, the tickets go straight to the raffle.

The greatest thing about CasinoPop is that, when too many popTickets participate in the raffle, the casino gives runner-up prizes, cash or other types of rewards.

You need to be a registered player and level up the loyalty popZone program by wagering. For each level you go up, you get a try on the popSpin game, where you will not only win popTickets but also Epic Spins, level ups, Free Spins, jackpots and other cash prizes.

Previous Winners and Their Trips

The first ever popTicket raffle winner at CasinoPop was a guy called Simon, who got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit New York, New York, you guys! Andreas went to Rome, Daniel to Vegas, Mats to Paris, Samira went to Iceland, Anette to Portugal, James to Gran Canaria, Paul won the Xbox/Ray-Ban raffle, another Paul went to Greece, Leone to Italy, Lena to Spain, etc.

Now it’s your turn! Make your name appear on the winners’ list, and be the one to explore the mesmerizing island of Malta, visit Valletta and enjoy the baroque architecture and the enchanting turquoise waters.

On your CasinoPop account, you will receive the equivalent sum of the prize it costs from Stockholm to Malta, meaning CasinoPop has you covered! All you need to do is play the popSpin game, earn tickets and check the winners’ list on the 18th of June!

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