2 Million BC Slot Review & Free Play

2 Million BC


2 Million BC Features

2 Million BC Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slots
  • Software : BetSoft
  • Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 30
  • Coin Range : £0.02 - £1
  • Maximum Bet : 150 Coins
  • Jackpot : 2,500 Coins
  • Bonus Round : Yes

Where to Play

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Slot Overview

By now you will have heard of Betsoft and some of the many titles that have gotten their popularity to where they are in this current day and age. Here we take a look at one of their most adventurous slots to date and we take a jump back in time to have a proper look at 2 Million B.C. This slot features a pleasant and welcoming premise, despite the jump back into the past and the gameplay has enough substance to hold your attention for a decent amount of time.

Look & Feel:

As soon as the game loads up, you are greeted with a short but fun animation that takes place in a colourful and vibrant jungle and features a cave man, of sorts, who is approaching some of the prehistoric wildlife that are to be found from that era looking to get his hands on a giant diamond.

The slot itself allows up to 30 different paylines and has 5 reels which comes straight out of the Slot3 Series, from Betsoft. The player is able to choose to play a maximum of up to 5 coins per line and anywhere between £0.02 and £1; meaning that you can bet up to a maximum of £150 for a single spin. The actual stipulations of the slot game don’t vary much from other 5 reels that you may have played before, which makes this game easy to pick up and play. The aim is to match as many of the symbols as possible and these include clubs, cave drawings, sabretooths, cave women, jewels, acorns and a variety of other prehistoric themed objects.

Bonus Features:

In a lot of the outcomes, two symbols are enough to see you win but there are also plenty that require you to match three to incur a payout.

Acorn Attacks:

Each time an acorn appears on the fifth and final reel, an insect will swoop down and retrieve it; once this has happened a grand total of 3 times, you will then be presented with a short mini game where you steer a directional arrow to attempt to throw the acorn and hit the sabretooth. This isn’t the most difficult of procedures, so you shouldn’t face much of a problem when you encounter this and if you manage to take out the sabretooth, you will be awarded with a prize.

Fireplace Free Spins:

If you land on three fireplace symbols, on any of the different reels; you will be awarded with some bonus spins for your endeavours. This is set to a limited number of spins, but you can accrue more by landing on other specific symbols, throughout this mini event.

Diamond Bonus:

Landing on the big diamonds is the aim of the game and here, by landing on three or more of these symbols will start you off on a mini game in which the cavegirl will spring onto the scene yelling about the sabretooth has stolen her precious diamond and that you must return it to her. You are then presented with a choice of three different methods to return it to her, including attacking the tiger yourself, sneaking up on the animal or by using your humour to amuse it. The most effective option wins the biggest prize, so try and guess correctly.


The game 2 Million B.C. might not be Betsofts best entry into the slot world, however there are lots of key features that make the game exciting to play and unique in a diluted market that has hundred of titles to play. The bonus rounds are engaging and the sound effects throughout are very well executed and we recommend this slot for any player looking for something new to try.