New Slots

Every online slot player gets excited about the prospect of being introduced and experiencing the newest and latest online slot games. Although there are hundreds and hundreds of slot games flooding the slot industry already, new additions are being added constantly. It also helps that technology is improving and therefore casino slot games are becoming more technologically advanced, whether that be with the bonus features involved, the moving visuals and animations or added gameplay features that differentiate it from other slot games and make it highly competitive.

New UK slot games reach our favourite online casinos every month. You have new slot games coming in from our most experienced and popular software developers, such as Microgaming, IGT, Netent etc. You also have new online slots that are being brought in by new developers or less competitive developers that help make a name for themselves, a perfect example being Blueprint Gaming. There are so many ways in which a slot game can be slightly tweaked that can change the whole complexity of it to make it a new game completely.

Customers appreciate new slot games for a variety of reasons. They are welcomed with open arms and always bring excitement to our faces, as developers find innovative ways to create some amazing slots and new winning possibilities. They always manage to surprise us and entertain us until at least the next new slot game is out. Some of their slots have a great deal of longevity and manage to still be popular even years after being released, that is a reference to slot games such as: Starburst, Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds, Rainbow Riches etc.

New Slot Features

There are so many different slot features that already exist to make some extremely fun online casino games. But as new casino slots get released, new features are also unleashed. Here are some of the most popular and most existing slot features that players enjoy experiencing.


As we are all here to chase the big money bucks, it is no surprise that one of the main features that players want to see included in their online slot game is a high jackpot or a progressive jackpot, everyone is after a high jackpot slot.

Progressive Jackpots are the most lucrative type of bonuses as you will win a breath-taking amount of money from them. They are not set to a fixed amount like other slot jackpots. It is as it says in its name, progressive. So, what that means is that the jackpot value will increase as players continue to wager money on that particular slot game. With online slots growing in popularity and more players starting to play them, it means that the progressive jackpot value is also increasing.

Aside from progressive jackpots, you have the standard jackpot that you will find in all slot games. These jackpots may not be as high as the progressive ones, but you will have a better chance of winning them. With help of the awesome bonus features included in the slot game, you can make your way up to the top jackpot prize. With new casino games, a great way for them to gain popularity and recognition is to offer a high jackpot prize. This will encourage players to play their slot game as there is more for them to win. It isn’t the case for all new online slots so don’t go into it thinking that you will be able to try and win an unbelievable sum of money, but for some new slots they do offer big prizes.


As we discover new ways to adapt slot games to improve them and differentiate them, the gameplay of it alters. In some instances, it can make the game more complicated, which for some punters is no necessarily a good thing. But for those who want a change in personality and want to experience the next big thing, then this is a good thing for you.

The gameplay of slot games has drastically changed since the days where all we had was 3-reel slots games and fruit slot machines with limited pay lines. Nowadays you can find slot games with 7 reels and 243 ways to win! So, that must mean that slot developers are creating new winning combinations and idea for players.


We have noticed that over time, the symbols involved in a slot game has adapted and changed. It is no longer the case that we are left with just the standard few symbols of numbers and fruits. We now have a whole range of different symbols to choose from. It all depends on the slot theme, which we will go on to talk about in more detail. Symbols now come in all shapes and sizes, we still have the original playing card symbols, fruits and lucky 7’s. Except now you can find them in a range of different fonts and colours, to match the theme. We also have symbols that specifically relate to the theme, for example if you are playing an ocean themed slot, you may find the symbols include fishes and boats etc.


Graphics have ridiculously improved since the days of when slots first began. If you play some of the latest slot games, you will see some incredible graphics. We have gone from having 2 dimensional slots to 3D slots. S well as that we now have moving visuals. For example, you may have a character that performs a certain act or movement, it all just adds that little bit more to the pleasure of the slot game. An example would be Merlin’s Millions, where the Wizard, Merlin, can zap the reels.


New slot themes are constantly being brought to our attention. So much so that we are beginning to lose count! As new slots online get released, some of them are added to existing theme categories and make the competition even bigger, whilst others create their own new category. But these new themes that new slot games are creating, only improve the slot industry as a whole and give players a wider range of what they can play. So whether its animal and nature, pirates and treasure, food and fruits magic and myth, there are lots of slot games for all of them.

Slot Promotions

With new online slot games, come new slot promotions. These are still one of the main focuses of slot games for players. Not even just for slot games, for any form of gambling. Here are some of the in-game slot bonuses that you can find in new slot games, some of which you may have experienced before:

  • Free Spins: This is one of the most commonly used bonus features for any slot game. Free Spins are any easy reward for developers to offer and also a risk-free spin for customers. Some slot games may offer you around 10 free spins, whilst others can offer 50+.
  • Bonus Mini Games: Bonus Mini Games (or bonus rounds) are included in some slot games and add great value to a slot game. For example, if you trigger a certain bonus feature, you may be redirected to a bonus wheel in the game where you are guaranteed to win a prize. This would be classed as a mini game and is a great addition to have on a slot game.
  • Bonus Symbols: New bonus symbols have been added to slot games over the years. For example, now you can find that there are wild symbols and also scatter symbols which can activate further bonuses and cash prizes.

Also look out for welcome bonuses that casinos are offering that can relate to online slots. When you claim a casino bonus, you can then tend to spend it anywhere in the casino, depending on what the bonus is. The bonus could be specific to a certain slot game; therefore, you have an increased chance of winning big off this slot game as you have more to play with. You can be blessed with a no deposit casino bonus, which will mean that you will get free funds to play with, without having to deposit any of your own money. This is typically used for selected games, maybe a new slot game for example. So, you then get to attempt to win money on this slot game without having to dip into your own pocket. Other bonus features in a welcome bonus could include: Bonus funds, free spins/ extra spins/ bonus spins, first deposit bonus etc. Wagering requirements and t&cs apply, responsible gambling is recommended. New customers should get excited at all the prospects on offer, be sure to look out for an exclusive bonus.

Mobile Slots

New slot games that get released have to be accessible at mobile casinos and on mobile devices, whether it be smartphones or tablet devices. The mobile gaming industry is so popular and continuing to increase in size, due to its convenience and allowing players to play their favourite online casino games anywhere at any time. Players still have access to all of the slot game features and casino features on a mobile and desktop device or even in a land casino, pub, arcade etc. You can find the best new slot games for mobile devices at Choice Casinos.

Play for Free

Players should take full advantage of the demo versions of brand new slot games before they play for real money. The demo version is there for a reason, it gives you the opportunity to experience the slot game for free, so you can attempt to create a strategy and suss out the best possibilities of creating a win. You can play the demo version of all the slot games you see at Choice Casinos, not only do we offer that, but we also have an in-depth slot review for you to read through, so you understand the rules and what the slot includes. Although you cannot win real money from the demo version, it still allows you to gain experience before you do then attempt to win bags of cash.

New Slot Sites

New slots sites are always being published and it can be difficult to source which ones are the best ones for you to choose, that is why at Choice Casinos, we do all the hard research for you and have created a Best Slot Sites of 2019 page for you to choose which online slot site seems more appealing to you. All of the casinos that we have on offer for you to join are all licensed and regulated under a gambling commission (majority the UK gambling commission) so that you can be reassured that it is a fun, safe casino.


New Slot Games or Classic Slot Games?
It all depends on your tastes and preferences. It probably isn’t the best idea for players to just stick to classical slot games as there is so much to experience with the latest slots. We personally would recommend the newest and latest slot games for the best gaming experience, but it is not a bad idea to go back to the more retro games every so often. You should always get a chance to appreciate the new symbols, bonuses, graphics, themes, pay lines and video slot features. This is the best way to go about it for the best user experience.
Where can I play these new slot games?
These slot games can be accessed at most UK casinos and UK slot sites. At Choice Casinos you can find our recommended online casino sites, and these are where you can find the best and most up to date games. As well as slot games, you can also play the other casino games including table games, live casino games, live dealer games etc.
Are the new slot game developers safe?
The answer to this is yes. The slot developers that are advertised at Choice Casino and have produced these magnificent slot games are extremely safe and are fair. You can check how fair a slot game is from the RTP rating. This will give you an idea of your average return’s percentage. This doesn’t mean to say that just because it is below 100% you won’t make any profits or big wins.