Slot Themes

It’s only thanks to massive advances in technology that online slots have been pushed into the limelight in online casinos. Previously most of a casino’s revenue was made through table games like poker, roulette or blackjack and slot games were incredibly basic. Fast-forward to over a decade and we’re now spoilt for choice, as slots come in all shapes, sizes and have a wide range of bonus features and paylines.

With such an increase in interest, software providers have noticed this and have started giving us slots of every genre imaginable. There are multiple benefits to being able to browse slots by a particular theme, most notably it gives you the chance to play something you’re interested in.

Online slots come in all shapes and sizes, some are 3-reels, but you can also find 5-reel slots and slots that are laid out in a grid format. Graphically, slots can look very different. Some of the older slots are very basic and use only the more basic types of animations and simplistic colour schemes or backgrounds. Other games, like Betsoft slots or Netent slots have some intricate animations which are incredibly fun to play and add another dimension to gameplay.

What slot themes are there?

You’ll notice that game developers have now started creating online slots which are heavily tied into a specific theme. If you’re a football fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Choice Casinos has an entire section dedicated to the very finest football slots that the internet has to offer.

Real life can get a bit too much sometimes and there’s nothing quite like being able to bury our heads into our favourite casino games or online slots. If you’re briefly looking to escape reality, our selection of Magic slots is otherworldly and are sure to put a spell on you! All these games have free-play options, but you can also play for real money if you’re ready to take the plunge.

We all enjoy a good story and growing up, fairytale stories were a staple part of our childhood. As adults, the stories might feel more on the juvenile side, however you can rekindle your childhood with our range of fairytale slots.

The list of slot themes is seemingly endless, and it doesn’t just stop there. Movie theme slots give you the chance to get all your favourite aspects from a film you like or have recently watched, with the added feature that you can interact with it.

We’ve all noticed the abundance of superhero films which have been released in recent years. The forward-thinking software developers have started using superhero themes for online slot games. These are the type of slot machine themes that appeal to a broad audience and the top online casinos are all enthusiastic to provide these to their players.

What additional features can I find on theme slots?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question because in short – it’s up to the developer! Video slots can have a range of bonus features which are there to keep the game interesting and to give you the chance to earn some extra cash.

Progressive slots have a rolling jackpot and if you are planning on betting the correct amount, to be entered into the jackpot, a juicy payout could be on the horizon. After each spin, a small amount will go towards the progressive slots jackpot, where the total could be in the millions. Instead of having an individual jackpot for each online slot, developers will instead provide the jackpot for a number of games so you can pick and choose which you want to play.

Additional features include things like free spins, which can be won when you match a certain number of symbols anywhere on the reels or on an active payline you’ve chosen. Some games require you to manually spin the reels, whereas others will do it for you and if you’re even luckier they might apply a multiplier, for good measure.

Lots of players enjoy bonus rounds which you can find when playing slots online. Bonus round slots come in all shapes and sizes and are normally the most exciting slot features you’ll find.

Best ways to enjoy themed slots

Being able to search the different slot by themes you want to play is already a big advantage but there are more ways to get the absolute most out of your favourite slot games. Welcome bonuses are offered by real money casinos and mobile casinos, which enable the player to claim free spins, match bonuses and sometimes both.

Choice Casinos compare all the different deposit bonuses and welcome offers from the top online casinos, so you don’t have to waste your time weighing up all the different promotions or other boring stuff. This means you can jump right into your favourite casino games and slots online.

Mobile Slots

Playing your favourite real money slots from your desktop or laptop is a unique experience, however a laptops portability is quite limited. Nowadays many players are choosing to enjoy their favourite Playtech slots or Microgaming slots in a mobile format. By choosing from our list of mobile casinos, you can truly take your gaming experience and video slots anywhere in the world with you.