Classic Slots

The word ‘classic’ usually gets mistaken for meaning old or outdated, however this is certainly not the case for online slots. When it comes to the online gambling world, Classic Slots are those which are reliable, well known, and loved by many. Classic Slots are those old-themed slot machines that consist of only 3 reels, however you should not underestimate these legendary slots because of this!

These 3 reel slots were the very first generation of slots to exist, the type that you could find in a funky diner or mortar casino and you would have to insert a coin and pull the lever! This experience was certainly an exciting one and these classic casino games were the first type of slots to be launched online. So, all the free slots that we all play now, originally were originated from these classic bulky machines!

Despite the fact that classic slots do not feature free spins or second screen bonus rounds, this does not mean that you don’t have the chance to win big jackpots on your favourite classic slots. Many gamblers have been winning big since the very start of the classic slot machines. The original classic clots are the Fruit Machines, Bell Machines and the One-armed Bandits and they have been known to turn people from poor to rich, ever since their establishment in the 19th century.

Original Classic Slot Machines:

The very first slot machines did not originally pay out their winners in cash. Instead they handed their winners bubblegum as their prize. The aim was if you hit 3 cherry signs then you would be rewarded with cherry flavored gum, if you hit 3 bananas then your prize would be banana flavored gum, and so on and so on. At the time, this was seen as a novelty and a treat, so it was greatly popular back then.  Even to this day, classic casino slot machines provide somewhat of a fascination, and the majority of people who walk into a casino and stumble across a classic slot machine cannot resist the temptation of pulling that classic lever and hearing the glorious sound of the coins clinking up.

Online Casinos are known for usually investing heavily into the slot games that they provide. Classic Slots are unique and mostly offer plenty of variety to their players. The traditional 3-reel slot with a fixed jackpot is a greatly popular choice for many players.

World Famous Classic Slot Games:

Classic Slots are among the widely popular slot games that are played all over the world. Classic Slots are usually more popular amongst the older generation and also new gamers too. There are dozens of popular classic slot games, some of which are, Wheel of Fortune, Red White & Blue, Double Diamond, Quick Hit and Hotshots. Generally, the majority of the most popular classic slots are 3-reel, however of recent years many players prefer to opt for the 5-reel slot games.

What Makes Classic Slots So Fun to Play?

Classic Slots are renowned for their simple rules and are immensely popular amongst new gamers due to how easy and quick they are to understand. Classic Slot Games are structured and developed in a way that there are only 3 spinning reels and a limited number of paylines. Due to the fact that there is clearly less activity happening in these games, there are no complicated features or other elements to the game that will confuse/distract the user. One of the most attractive features about classic slot games is that they are easier to win jackpots with, rather than progressive slots games. Due to the fact that more and more people are after the mega-money type slots, the user will be competing against a rather small group of players for the main prize. It should be kept in mind that classic slots are either 5 reel or 3 reel variants. The low coin denominations, easy rules and a great friendly interface really does make Classic Slots a truly fun and enjoyable experience for players.