Best Fairy-tale Slots 2019

Everybody wishes that they could live an easy, fairy-tale lifestyle. If this isn’t the case for you so far, then maybe trying out one of our fairy-tale themed slots may put you on the right track for that by winning you great bonus funds! Fairy-tales have always been something that are considered childish and make believe, so it was a great idea for developers to get involved with this theme and great numerous fairy-tale themed slots to allow them to reminisce their childhood. Back in the days that some of these were created, they were story books. This means that it may be the case for some punters that they are seeing these characters on screen for the first time. With the big climb in modern technologies, nowadays we are starting to notice more and more slots developing so they have better animation and also moving clips included, making them an online video slot. With these added features being included in some of your favourite fairy-tales, it adds to the entertainment.

A lot of these fairy-tales ‘stories you come across have female main characters, this also can apply for some slot games. This can encourage women to want to enjoy these slot games more as in previous times, they have played a more passive role. We have some excellent choices at Choice Casinos for you to try out for yourself.

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Fairy-tale Themed Slots

There are a wide variety of different slot games associated with this theme. It is important for us to make the right impression and suggest to you the best ones that we can find. Here are a few choices that we have made for you to try out for yourself and see what you think.

Fairy-tale Legends: Hansel and Gretel is the first slot that we have ready and waiting for you to experience. This is a slot based on a fairy-tale that a vast majority of people would have seen or at least heard of, Hansel and Gretel. In this slot you can find excellent features including a huge 80,000-coin jackpot. It doesn’t stop there, there is also a great chest bonus feature and this slot comes with a respectable RTP of 96.71%.

Fairy-tale Legends: Red Riding Hood is a slot that is showcased by the great developers of NetEnt. Following the same structure as the previous slot, it has the same gameplay features, just for a different fairy-tale character and story line. Red Riding Hood can win you a jackpot of 80,000 and this time includes a Wolf Bonus feature. Also has a respectable RTP.

Ever heard of Pinocchio? Well if you have, then here is your chance to experience the online slot version of this famous story. The jackpot may not be as big in comparison to the others but there are a lot more bonuses! 6 different bonus features for you to consider.

Our final slot game of the fairy-tale theme that we have to showcase you is Jack and the Beanstalk. There is no denying that this is a story a lot of people have heard before. Well this time you can play it, winning you a huge jackpot of 300,000 coins and also experience a free spins bonus as well as a wilds bonus.

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Now that you have had a little taste of what type of slots you can expect to find at Choice Casinos. You can read our full in-depth review on all of these available slots for this particular theme. From there you can see which casinos are offering them to you and you can play them for real money. Don’t forget to try our demo version before hand to get a good experience of it and a little head start.