Best Football Slots of 2019

If you are a football fan, then you will know that you can never have enough Football! You can watch a live game, go and play some football down at the local park, even have a game of football on your Xbox or PlayStation and now thanks to online gaming there is another new type of football you can play! Online football themed slots! Sports games are one of the most popular types of games and casino game developers have realized this and created many sports games, some of which include Golf, Boxing and most importantly…Football! Whilst there are many people who are just sat on their couch watching a game of football on the television, you now have a much better option than that. You now have the chance to win big money jackpots by playing football style slot machine games!

The Great Advantages of Football Slots on Choice Casinos:

When it comes to football slots, there are so many options to choose from which does make it a truly fantastic type of slot game. Football slots are becoming increasingly popular and with more and more people playing on football slots then the popularity is only going to increase! There are many options to choose from when playing football slots which defientley makes it fun to say the least! You can join your favourite team, participate in a hug competition such as the World Cup, or even take the seat as a manager and guide your team to glory! Another fabulous advantage about Football Slots is the fact that they are easy to play and quick to understand whilst also having the great advantages of providing unlimited fun and the chance for the player to win big!

The available football slots on choice casinos are truly brilliant, the image definition is of the highest quality, the sounds that are provided make you feel like you are part of an actual football match, especially the intense roars of the crowd and the referee’s whistle, and more importantly that crisp sound of the player’s boot connecting with the ball when a shot has been taken! The features and games that are available are truly unique and one of its kind, there are many options, from the World Cup to an intense penalty shootout. You will never run out of games to play on the football slots!


When it comes to online gambling, the best method that online slot sites use in order to attract new customers is by offering jackpots. These jackpots can vary, and Choice Casinos have done a brilliant job in offering you some of the best available bonus features there are for you to take advantage of.

Free Spins:

Another great feature that is available when playing online football slots are free spins. Free spins give the user the chance to spin the reels without having to pay for it, hence why they are called ‘free spins. Free spins are extremely popular and especially if they do not need a deposit as that means the user can instantly take advantage of a free pin without having to place a deposit. Free spins can earn the user some good money and that is why it is common amongst slot users and especially football slot players who enjoy playing lots.

Play Online Football Slots Now!

There are plenty of Football Slots to choose from and they are simply just great fun! The online football slots on Choice Casinos do not require and downloads either, so you can just jump straight into the game and have some great fun! There are dozens of football slot games to choose from, however we have listed some of the most popular ones, these are stated below;

  • Football Mania
  • Football Star
  • Shoot!
  • Global Cup Soccer
  • Football Fever
  • Golden Goal
  • Football Frenzy
  • Golaza HD
  • World – Cup Soccer Spins
  • World Cup Heroes