Magic Slots

Magic has always had the preconception of not being real and something that you could just fool children with. Unless you are the likes of the famous Dynamo or Houdini, who were clever enough to fool even adults with their ‘magic’, or what others would consider, illusions. Well, it doesn’t matter what age you are at, magic has always been a source of entertainment for everyone. That is why it is a brilliant idea from slot developers to create magical slots. So, not only can players experience magic, they can win money at the same time! Entertainment and prizes go hand in hand with slots.

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With such a huge range of slot themes out there, it can be hard to choose which one stands out the most as having the highest popularity. Well magic themed slots are certainly up there. With this particular theme being so popular, it means that almost every single slot developer in the industry has produced a magic slot game. This creates great competition in this sector of market and means that developers are making their magic slots extremely appealing to their audience, which could be by increasing the RTP, making the bonuses more appealing and just creating better gameplay in general.

It tends to be the case that these magical slots have quite a mysterious tone to them. So, you may generally find that they sit upon a black, gloomy background with some moving animations in the form of sparkles or bits of magic. Then maybe even a wizard who has a wand that casts spells. Or, you may find a Lucky leprechaun who is believed to be magical and have the ability to use its magic to win you some cash!

Magic Slot Games

Although the theme is magic, there is different ways in which developers have incorporated this into their games. This could either be via the characters that they include in their games, the rules of how to win and just the general settings.

Wizard’s are an example of a type of character that creates a magical theme to a slot. We will take Merlin’s Millions as the perfect display of a slot game that includes a Wizard, named Merlin. This is a slot that actually has some background meaning, based upon Merlin who was a famous Wizard. This is a great feature to have in a slot because players are more likely to play a slot game with some sort of meaning behind it.

Mystical Creatures is another example. Including animals like Unicorns and dragons in a slot game gives it a mythical and magic theme. Divine Fortune is a slot game that includes the fantasy creatures of the Medusa and more Greek mythical animals. This slot game includes a progressive jackpot, which means not only can you experience an awesome slot game, you can win big whilst playing it!

Spells & Potions is one of the most generic and cliché props we think about when we think of magic. Black Magic is a slot game filled with potions. As well as that it is filled with bonuses. Including a gamble feature that can see you doubling your winnings! Also, don’t miss out on multiplier allowing you to win 10x your betting stake! Now that really is magical.

Take a look at our wide range of Magic slot games and choose which one you want to play. There is such a wide variety of games, you can try them for free by playing the free demo at Choice Casinos. One you have experienced the slot games, then you can deposit funds into the casino offering this online slot game and win some big cash!