Pirate Slots

Pirate themed slots are possibly the most over used slot themes in the whole industry. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is one of the most intriguing kind of slot games due to the mystery and potentially fictional stories that go with them. In this theme alone, there are a range of different types of games, more different variations of pirates and story lines that you could ever think of. The great thing about this theme is that developers can create awesome story lines and gameplays based on pirates. Using creative symbols and imaginative bonuses in order to not only have a great user experience, but also great entertainment and amusement whilst on the hunt to win some big cash, or in pirate terms, the treasure.

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Basically, every pirate slot game that you come across will feature a pirate, that is a given. You can’t have a pirate themed slot without a pirate. Pirate slot games tend to follow similar structure and symbols. There is a Pirate themed online slot to be enjoyed by everyone at all online casinos. Whether you want a more simplistic slot with basic bonus features and simple graphics, or you want a more complex structured game that has a range of innovative bonuses that may include mini games and also HD/ 3D symbols, then you can also find that under the pirates themed slot games.

Pirate Slot Games

The fact that there are so many different pirate themed slot games, it would be pointless naming every single one and evaluating it. So instead, we have sourced some different pirate slot games, that are all different but competitive. So, they contain different gameplay features, but are all very good and popular amongst slot players. Here are some of the best online pirate themed slot games that you can find at Choice Casinos.

Chests of Plenty:

This fun and creative Pirate themed slot not only holds great imagination, but also a highly recommended Progressive Jackpot. You can successfully trigger this jackpot by landing 3 of the Treasure Chest Bonus Symbols on the reels in sight. As well as that is also includes a fun mini game and a treasure island bonus. This is one of Playtech’s awesome creations and they have really boosted their slot library with this one. You can play the demo version of Chests of Plenty at Choice Casinos, where you can gain experience of the slot before playing for real money.

Ghost Pirates:

This slot game manages to hit a range of themes in one slot game. It intertwines the theme of pirates with the spooky feel of ghosts. So that in itself is a well thought technique of differentiating their gameplay a little. On top of that, there are a range of bonuses, which include a free spin bonus! There is a total of 23 pay lines for this game, which is higher than most slot games that are in the entire industry! As well as that it also has a respectable RTP rating, so you have a good chance of winning some cash. Play Ghost Pirates at Choice Casinos.

Jolly Rodger:

Jolly Rodger is a popular name used in all pirate themed antics, not just slots. You can have theme park rides named after it, pubs can be named after it and all sorts of brands. Well in this instance, it is a slot that takes the name. This is a very well rewarding slot to that has a jackpot total of 10,000 coins! There are also 2 bonuses that can be highly rewarding, including a multiplier bonus and also a treasure map bonus that can win you 2000 coins. Play Jolly Rodger slot now, an excellent Play’n Go creation!

These are not even a handful of the long list of pirate slots that we have on offer at Choice Casinos. You can not only play the demo version of the slot for free, but also read our in-depth analysis of the slot game in the review we have created. Then when you play the game for real money, you already have an advantage.