Best Super Hero Slots 2019

No matter what age you are, you are never too old to enjoy a superhero storyline. Although many of us have realised by now that they do not actually have super powers and are just there for film entertainment, it doesn’t take the enjoyment out of it. Although super heroes have been a popular movie theme around before even our time, in recent years it has grown even further in popularity due to Marvel and DC movies having a big rise in their audience numbers. Even adults can still want to be a superhero or at least dream about being one, that is why it makes a perfect theme for a slot game. Although you are not physically being a superhero, you can still be a hero by winning yourself a lot of real money!

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A lot of different developers have latched onto the idea of creating such fun slot games. Meaning there is healthy competition in this market. You can play games that include a range of super heroes. Some of them are well known ones, for example: Superman or Spiderman. Whilst other games might include a super hero that was created for the sheer purpose of the slot game. The other great thing about these slot games is the fact that because they can sometimes be based on a real move, they have added features to them. For example, it may be an online video slot and therefore there are motion clips added to it (e.g. Batman flying) just for added entertainment. A fun soundtrack is also normally included.

There is no doubt that you would pf had your favourite super heroes when you were younger. So why not see if you can reminisce your childhood and play a slot that involves your favourite superhero, who could potentially win you some money.

We understand that super heroes are not everyone’s cup of tea, that is completely understandable. But if you don’t enjoy the movies, that does not mean to say that you will not enjoy the slot game. These take their own spin on things and have added bonus features in place for you to be able to make some money from them.

Super Hero Slot Games

Here are some of the best super hero slot games that we would recommend for you to try out to get the best experience from it.

Superman slot is possibly the most generic one to think of. Superman is one of the most popular super heroes in the world, so it was obvious that a slot was going to be made from it. This slot in particular is created by NYX who are huge developers. There is a massive 10,000-coin jackpot to be won as well!

If there was ever a time to laugh at a developer for their lack of creativity, it would be now. Yggdrasil, who are a famous developing group, founders of some excellent games, have come up with a super hero themed slot game and simply named it “Super Heroes”. The game itself does not lack creativity, with it including an epic super hero bonus and a free spin bonus.

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These are a couple of many examples that you can try out now. At Choice Casinos, we allow you to read a review of these slot games and also try their free demo, just so you get the full experience of them and can get the easiest chance of winning. Once you have tried and tested them, you then can see which casinos offer them, and from their you can play for real and win some good sums of cash if you are lucky!