Online Casino Payment & Banking Methods

One of the most important things to consider, online casinos, is the payment methods that they have laid out for their players to use. This is a deciding factor that could play a huge part in how quickly you will receive your winnings or even when adding money to your account because if the online casino doesn’t accept your method of payment, you will need to either choose something different or visit a different casino, entirely.

Typically, online casinos accept regular banking methods such bank wire transfers, credit card & debit card, e-wallets and pre-paid card deposits as their typical payment options.

The most popular payment types come from e-wallets as they allow some of the speediest payout options available and leave you with more time to play with and less time sat around waiting for your winnings.

One of the main benefits of using e-wallets, as opposed to other payment options, is the sheer amount that you must choose from, they enable you to pay real money over the web efficiently and this is how they are quickly becoming one of the United Kingdom’s best payment solutions.

When it boils down to banking transactions, a lot of players prefer to use traditional methods, including Visa cards, bank wire and some sites even offer their customers the choice to pay by phone bill, especially if you’re a mobile player.

Cards & Prepaid Cards:


You would struggle to go to anywhere on the planet where they haven’t heard of Visa before, they are one of, if not the most accepted payment methods around and are a means of adding or withdrawing funds that almost all casinos accept.


MasterCard is another payment method that sits high up on the list of players’ favourite ways of depositing money into their online casino accounts. They are widely accepted and are a very efficient way of transferring funds that almost all online casinos accept.

Credit Cards:

When depositing funds into your online account, credit cards are a very popular means of doing so. One huge plus of using a credit card is that casinos will typically want players to use credit and debit cards to receive the deposit bonus and this is something that you should always look out for.


For the players who don’t typically like to use cards or e-wallets, the solution for that comes in the form of Paysafe Card which is effectively a prepaid card that customers can use to deposit and withdraw funds from their online account. These can be topped up at your own leisure and be used as or when you need them. Making them, also, a great way of keeping on top of your finances.


American Express is another major credit card that is second to none, other than maybe MasterCard, and is another method of adding funds online that players can choose. American Express cards tend to have higher limits with some of the most revered customer service and securest transactions in the industry and these factors have helped make them a go to choice for online gamblers.


Using Entropay has a selection of benefits and works slightly differently to both prepaid cards and credit & debit cards, by creating a virtual version of the card that will expire once the transaction has been made. This is perfect for the players who are mindful of their details or other sensitive pieces of information being discovered and add an extra layer of much needed security.

Debit Cards:

Debit Cards are one of the most utilised ways of adding funds to your online casino account, they are something that has integrated into our daily life style and this is no different when it comes to our online activities. The perks of using Visa is that almost every online casino in the industry is familiar with this method of payment and is a very basic but popular way of adding and withdrawing any winnings.



The best Neteller sites are a solid example of how an e-wallet should be, they are an effortless way of adding funds to your online casino account. They are an efficient and secure way to withdraw your winnings and you can expect the money to be in your account within 24 hours, usually with Neteller Casinos.


MoneyBookers recent renamed to Skrill and managed to retain their high standard of integrity and are now accepted in more locations than ever and by more than 200 countries over the globe. By opting to make your payments via Skrill you will be guaranteed a speedy and secure money transaction that is the epitome of using an e-wallet.


This one should need no introduction and PayPal is probably one of the most successful e-wallets around and is becoming increasingly more accepted by online casinos alike. However, they this is mainly limited to the UK, currently, but we are certain that this is something that will improve as time progresses.


Paying into your favourite casino by Eco Card is something that has caught on amongst players, specifically in the Canadian and European regions. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that they accept numerous currencies and are one of the easier and popular e-wallets to use.


If you’re reluctant to enter any personal details online or at your favourite online casinos, you’ll be pleased to hear that Boku is a great step in the right direction regarding security. Boku enables players to add funds to an online casino by charging your phone carrier provider. This will either appear on your monthly phone bill or alternatively it will be deducted from your balance, if you’re a pay as you go user.

Pay By Phone:

Some players prefer to use paying by phone as their go to financial solution for online casino payments. This is a good way of protecting your credentials and even adding an extra layer of security which you might otherwise not get with some of the typical payment methods, as it adds your payment onto your phone bill.


Using ecoPayz to add and withdraw money from your favourite online casinos is simpler now than ever before and they have done a great job at bringing online transactions into 2017. The company boasts more than 45 different currencies that you can then transfer and deposit into your regular casino site.


For the players who don’t like using cards or parting with sensitive information over the internet, one of the solutions that you can use is PayNearMe. This works by depositing money at a nearby shop and the funds will then appear in your online account balance, ready for you to use at your favourite online casino site.


Here is another quick and simple to use e-wallet that gives players all of the security that you can expect from credit and debit cards but in the form of an e-wallet, called MyCitadel. This means that withdrawals are quick, painless and can be achieved without having to share your banking credentials with your online casino.

Bank Transfers:


In recent times, Bitcoin has evolved into something that was unimaginable beyond our wildest dreams and despite being the most widely known and influential crypto currency of the modern world, it is also beginning to be recognised as a valid method that players can use to add funds to their favourite casino sites.


One of the most popular methods to deposit funds for players from the Netherlands, iDeal makes transferring funds over to your favourite online casino incredibly easy and it’s no mystery as to why they are one of the favourites amongst the Dutch players.

Wire Transfer:

If you still prefer using online transfers to deposit funds into your favourite online casino from your bank account, it will probably come as good news that it is still a feature that is widely accepted, especially in the UK, currently. This is typically used by players who make big deposits and withdrawals as the fee isn’t always worth it when transferring a small amount by wire transfer.


Instadebit is a popular way of transferring money from your bank account to an online casino and is another method that is becoming increasingly popular amongst players and casinos, they have been proven to be one of the safest options available in the industry and is even available on Facebook and the Google Play Store.


Lots of online casinos are now accepting eCheck as one of their payment solutions that players in the United Kingdom can use to add funds to their online casino balance. This is one of the safest options available and is easier than online banking, as well being very efficient.

More on Online Casino Banking:

Even though we have managed to cover the basics and a bit more above, there are still a whole host of other payment methods that can be used and are accepted at various online casinos. Which one that you decide to use mainly comes down to individual preference and most of, if not all, that we have listed have been thoroughly inspected and found to be a reputable service with layers of protection for both themselves and the casino you are playing at.

You will notice that there are a lot of options, which is a good thing as it means that if you’re credit card has unknowingly expired, you will have a list of other payment methods longer than your arm to choose from. This is reassuring to know and means that you won’t miss a spin on the live roulette table or a hand at your favourite card poker game due to being stuck an unable to make an online casino payment.