Best American Express Casinos

The chances are that if you’ve made it this far, you will probably have a fair idea about what American Express is and regardless of whether you own one of their cards or not, there are a few things relating to online casinos that you might not have otherwise known about using American Express online, that we are going to cover in this guide. Starting with the fact that the company was actually founded in 1850, making the company over a century and a half old. Usually when we look at payment methods, it’s a good rule of thumb to see whether they have stood the test of time and I think we can all agree that in American Express’ case, that this is definitely true.

These days plenty of online casinos accept credit cards like American express as one of their many banking options and there are a wealth of reasons as to why that we will be delving into in this guide. American Express is often shortened to AmEx and with this information, if you see this on any online casino, you will know that American Express is one of the payment methods that they accept and allow their players to use to fund their casino wallet.

Some of the perks of being an American Express customer is that they have the best security in the industry, meaning that every transaction is protected and backed up by American Express. Whether you enjoy playing at a mobile casino or sat at a computer, American Express has plenty of options for both players and, in fact, they have one of the best mobile payment setups around currently.

One of the drawbacks is that not every online casino has embraced American Express at this point and because of this, finding the right one for you might be a more difficult task but that’s why we are here to help and below is a list of criteria that we use to evaluate whether or not the American Express casinos are worth recommending to you.

What We Look For In An American Express Casino:

There are many casinos out there to choose from, but some have better qualities than others and it is important that you weigh up all of the important factors that you need to consider before you decide which casino site to use.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions:

This is one of the first things that you will notice upon looking at the casino and many will have healthy welcome packages & casino bonuses available for their players who sign up and begin making a new account. This could range from a coveted matched deposit bonus all the way to free spins for you to use at some of the most renowned games within the industry.

Variety Of Games: 

Whichever of the casinos games you prefer to play, whether it’s video slots, blackjack, live dealer games, table games like poker, craps or roulette, classic slots or even sports betting, having a decent variety of things to choose from is always healthy and this is why we recommend to you casino sites that provide a good selection to choose from.

Speedy Payouts:

Arguably one of, if not the most important on this list and this is because nobody likes to be sat around waiting for the casino to pay out their winnings. This is why the casinos features on our list have some of the best payout speeds in the business and this has been tested and proven due to numerous audits.

Banking Methods: 

When selecting a new online casino, you should be looking at what sort of payment solutions they offer for you to add funds to your wallet, as well as withdrawing your winnings. Many of the top online casinos will accept various different payment methods, such as bank transfer, a range of credit cards and debit cards, Western Union, prepaid cards or American Express card making adding funds to your favourite casinos wallet incredibly simple, painless fast and secure.

Customer Support:

The support section plays a huge role behind the scenes of an online casino and having one that is available to help the players as and when they need it is the key to success. Many online casinos now have 24/7 support that is offered and whilst this is definitely preferable, it isn’t a requirement by any means. Most online casinos and live casinos will offer support and correspondence through emails, live chat, post and telephone. You can also check to see whether or not they have an FAQ guide that will outline any potential problems and respective answers.

Security & Protection:

Online casinos are often audited to check and to prove that they are conducting their business within the guidelines of wherever they are licensed from but also to check that they are following the correct safety practices when it comes to dealing with customers’ sensitive information, such as payment details. The casinos that we suggest you look at are some of the biggest names in the industry and have some of the best encryption technology available, meaning that your data is in safe hands.

Using American Express At An Online Casino:

Regardless of what you are looking to play at the AmEx casinos, there is something for everyone and players will be able to get stuck into their favourite table games such as baccarat, roulette, poker games and blackjack without any problems. Using American Express as your one stop deposit and withdrawal preference is a good way to ensure that you have little to no downtime and spend more time playing, instead of waiting and this is largely down to their fast and secure payouts. Players who choose to use American Express as one of their banking options will experience no fees from making big deposits from their card, so if you consider yourself a high roller who likes to bet big, this might be ideal for you. It is not uncommon for some of the top casinos to even reward players who make a deposit by using American Express, so if you see this option available, it’s recommend you opt in for it to enjoy an improved experience, just because you chose to use your AmEx card.

What Can You Expect From American Express Online Casinos:

Although the process of finding an online casino that accepts American Express is slightly more difficult than one that allows players to use credit cards and debit cards as a payment solution, the rewards make up for it. This is why we have included some of the best casino sites in the industry that are certainly worth your time of day.

So, whether you are planning on enjoying the very best of online gambling, including live dealer games, video slots, sports betting or diving into the most popular slots available, you can be sure that every casino on our list has been individually evaluated and proven to be amongst the best that there is that accepts American Express.

Some Of The Best Things You Will Find At American Express Casinos:

The experience that can be found at an American Express casino might be that of a higher standard than your typical other online casino and this can be for many reasons. Such as the fact that they don’t have a great welcome bonus in place for new customers who sign up. American Express casinos will usually have some of the best rewards available and this will make you glad you chose to use an American Express casino, instead of perhaps a Bitcoin casino.

Whether or not you are visiting one of the mobile casinos that offers AmEx as one of their banking methods, using your American Express mobile app in conjunction with the mobile casino is seamless and works to a very high standard. The top online casinos even have great mobile encryption technology to guarantee your safety online.

Everything about American Express oozes with excellence and this is nearly always transferred to the online casinos that accept American Express. This is helped by the fact that thousands of players like to enjoy the very best table games, live dealer games and everything else offered to online casino players.