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Café Casino Review

Café Casino is a fairly new online casino which first came onto the scene in 2016. Café Casino has become very popular over the last few years and one of the main reasons why they have occurred such popularity is because of the huge variety of games that they offer to punters. Café Casino hosts a fantastic range of games, some of which include table games, video poker and over 250 Slot games! Another reason why Café Casino gained such immense popularity is because they accept players who hail from the United States as well as accepting Bitcoin.

Website Layout & Design:

When it comes to online casinos, punters are known for considering a few different factors before signing up and many punters tend to look out for the website layout and design of their chosen online casino site before signing up. These days online casinos work very hard to ensure that they have a well laid out website with a good design and it is fair to say that Café Casino have certainly excelled in this department as their design and layout of their online casino is fantastic!

Online casino websites really can vary and each site is different, because of this it also means that the layouts are all different too, so you never know what to expect when it comes to an online casino website. The cafe casino website has a tremendous layout which is one of the best I have ever seen! The developers of this site have developed it in such a way which makes it an easy site for the punter to navigate around. The café casino logo is situated right at the top of the website and is in a slightly small format however it is easy to notice and read, whilst the login and join tabs as well as the menu tab are situated on the far right hand side of the site. The center of the page features a large image which displays the latest welcome bonus and underneath that there is several different tabs, including options for games such as Blackjack, Video Poker and Slots. Punters can view T&C’s, casino policies and payment methods at the bottom of the casino site page.

The design is one of my favourite things about café casino and it instantly caught my eye as soon as I went onto the site. Café casino features quite a unique and fresh look which is very appealing in my opinion. The developers of this casino site have opted to go for colours such as purple, white and light grey on the site and this can be seen all throughout the casino site. All of the important tabs are highlighted in a deep purple which catches the attention of the punter, whilst other tabs such as login and games are highlighted in a light grey text.

Casino Software:

There are various elements which go into making an online casino however one of the most important ones is the software that has been used to develop the casino site. Café casino has clearly been developed to a very high standard and it is extremely professional and modern so it is certainly fair to say that the developers and the software used is of a good standard. Café casino has been developed by 3 major software companies, RTG, Rival Gaming and Revolver Gaming. All 3 of these software companies are well-known for working on some of the biggest online casino sites in the world so you know you are in safe hands when playing on café casino.

Welcome Bonus:

The majority of online casinos offer incentives to potential new customers in order to entice them to sign up and this is a great method to use as punters tend to love it! Café casino have a splendid range of offers and bonuses which are available to new punters and they can all be found on the website. One of my personal favourite welcome bonuses that café casino have available to their new punters is “100,00 perk points with a $40 deposit.”


Lets be honest, the main reason why people head onto online casino sites is to win money and play games, so this is why having a good range of games available on a casino site is very important and it is what the majority of punters look out for. Luckily for café casino punters, this splendid casino offers a fabulous range of games, including over a whopping 250 slots, blackjack, video poker and table games. All of the games that café casino offer to punters can be found on the home page of the website.


Mobile casinos have become very popular amongst online casino punters over the past several years and nowadays the majority of online casinos offer an online app or web browser which punters can use via their mobile phone to play. The café casino app is free to download and is available on Android and iOS phones. If punters prefer to not download the app then they can alternatively play via the café casino web browser.

Customer Support:

If you are familiar with the industry of online casinos then you will know that customer support is extremely important. The customer support methods that café casino offer are a 24/7 live chat, email service and also a free telephone service.

Payment Methods:

Café casino punters can deposit on the site via bitcoin, visa, mastercard and amex.


Café casino is a unique online casino which will certainly grab your attention! The cafe casino site is a good site which the developers have clearly spent a long time on, in addition to this, the casino has a great variety features including a magnificent range of offers and bonuses, good customer support and a good range of payment methods including bitcoin and amex. Overall, I would say that if you are looking for a reliable online casino with lots of positive features and big payouts then be sure to check out café casino.