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K8 have recently put together a sportsbook to run alongside their casino service, but the casino is where it all began for them, and it is something they have been running successfully for a number of years. They have both a regular and a live casino and perhaps one of the best things about their service is how simple it is. They know what works, they know what players want and they stick to that, without being too fancy and causing problems. They understand casino players very well, and this is somewhere that will give you exactly what you want from your online casino.

Website Layout & Design:

There are some great graphics and advertisements to be found on the K8 website, they really want to catch your eye when you are online. They show off with great pride their offers, the partners who create their games and the characters from their games. They want you to see these and be intrigued, leading you to try out the games they are promoting.

Despite all these advertisements and big graphics, the menus to navigate are very simple, allowing you to easily find where you want to be. You will see a list of game types that you can choose from, with many different games inside each section. Whether you want slot games, table games or card games, like poker or blackjack; you will have plenty of choice at your fingertips. Something to look out for is the banner that says ‘new’ on the game, this indicates it is new to the casino, and if you have been playing with K8 for a while, this will show you the new games that you can try out.

While you will see many big graphics on the K8 website, the menus are easy to use, the games are easy to find and you shouldn’t get lost here looking through things you don’t want.

Casino Software:

Starting off as a casino quite a while ago, K8 have built up knowledge of how to be successful and what they need to focus on. One of the biggest things for players is reliability, and you can tell that K8 have focused on this to deliver the best possible software to ensure their games work smooth and without fault. The moment your games begin to stop working properly is the moment you lose trust in your casino, this doesn’t happen with K8, their games work brilliantly, all of the time.

Inside the games, you will be given a great show of flashing lights, fancy graphics and big features. This is thanks to K8 teaming up with some of the best game developers that are out there to ensure you are always getting the biggest and best new games that are available on the market.

Welcome Bonus:

When you sign up to play with K8, you can take advantage of their welcome bonus, to give your account a great boost from the very start. This bonus is a matched deposit bonus of 100% based on your first deposit with them. The minimum here is just £10, meaning that small players can also take advantage of the offer and get their own bonus without having to deposit large amounts. Bigger players will be pleased to see that the bonus has a maximum of £100 attached to it, so if you are a bigger player making bigger deposits, you are going to get a great bonus.

Those who choose the maximum and deposit £100 of their own money will be rewarded with £100 in bonus funds alongside that, to give them £200 to play from the very beginning.


Whether you are looking for multiple versions of blackjack, different roulette games or a long list of slot games to try out, you will find everything you need on the K8 website. They recognise that choice is something that punters want, and they have certainly delivered on that. Whether you find yourself playing slot games in their regular casino section, or you are playing with real dealers in the live casino, you will have a good choice in front of you.

Not only have K8 ensured their players have a great choice in front of them, but they have also teamed up with some big names in the gaming world to deliver quality games. You will find some huge titles on their website, with great themes and features on them that will give you a great gaming experience as you unlock the many different features.

Customer Support:

Should you need to speak to someone at K8 about a problem you have then you can either send them a message, which they will reply to via email, or speak to someone through their live chat service. Customer service team members will be on hand on the other side to help you out with any issues, and it may also be worth looking through their help and rules pages, which offer a lot of guidance that may come in useful.

Payment Methods:

When depositing money with K8 you will be able to do so with a bank card, and they accept Visa debit and credit cards, as well as Mastercard credit cards. Alongside these options, they also accept e-wallet payments, although which ones depends on where you live. They accept Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and some more, although you will have to check if these are available in your country.


K8 started life as a casino before also creating a sportsbook and it is clear to see that they have been long-serving members when it comes to the online casino community. They have a great knowledge of what punters want, and they have used that to create a fantastic range of games that you can play. This includes their live casino section, which is a must try for anyone who hasn’t played inside a live casino before.

With solid customer service, a great welcome bonus and many payment methods accepted, there are many positives with the service on offer from K8. If you want to sign up with someone who has been offering casino games for many years, K8 are a good choice to go with.

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