Privacy Policy

At Choice Casinos, privacy and data protection is something that we take very seriously. In this privacy section we go into detail describing what we do with any details you give us, how or if we use them and store all private information safely.

A brief look at what we do

To put it simply, Choice Casinos takes all the hassle and stress out of picking a top-rated casino. Our website is an online casino comparison site which shows you exactly what you can expect from a casino site, before you join up and make a deposit.

What information do we collect?

The only client information we store is usage data. This means that it’s only specific data regarding how you use this website, including the pages you’ve visited any of the casino operators you’ve clicked on, your IP address and the referring URL when you proceed to a casino site provided by us. We also keep a record of the browser type, the type of device, language preference, time of access and screen resolution.

To receive our weekly newsletter, you’ll be required to enter your personal email address and subscribe, this helps you keep up to date with any additional offers or information we come across. Whilst confirming subscription, you’ll be notified of how to unsubscribe in future and our usage of your details, outlined which – if any of your details will be passed on to third parties. Part of the subscription process states that we will forward content to the inbox associated with the email you provided us with. None of this data you share with us means that we can personally identify you.

How do we collect information?

Your unique usage data is collected through a series of web logs and scripts ran by our website. Choice Casinos also uses cookies by sending them to your system, which enables us to process any usage information when on our site. Besides this, the only other data we collect is information you’ve entered, through the newsletter for example.

How do we use the information?

The main reason we collect usage information is to improve your user experience. This helps us adjust the site and make changes, improving ease of access and usability. Sometimes the data provided can be used to tailor the website making it more personalised to your search criteria. We can also use your data to help protect your account by keeping it secure and preventing fraudulent activity.

We explicitly refrain from selling, distributing or leasing any of the information relating to your activity with third parties unless we have your specific consent or are required by law.

Who we share your information with

Law enforcement – If we are legally obliged to produce any data we have surrounding your profile.

Business sales – On the occurrence that we sell our business, we may disclose personal details or information with buyers if there is potential sale for all or part of our business.

Advertising partners – Choice Casinos may share advertising information with our advertising partners, which helps us provide the best possible platform and experience for you, the reader.

Service providers – It’s not uncommon that we outsource some of our business functions to contractors. Whether it’s web hosting or email marketing. Any sensitive information we give to them will only be specific to the purpose we required.

It’s important to remember that if you click a link on our site which then takes you to a third-party site, is not something we have control over. If you do experience further problems, we won’t be able to assist you, as we have no control over their website.

Cookies and how we use them

If you’re not familiar with cookies and how they work, we shall explain. They are small files which track and keep a record of certain data. Cookies are used by a huge number of sites and will improve user experience and allow us to monitor which pages are the most useful to specific players and which are less relevant. Cookies do not give us access to your computer or information stored on the device, but rather allow us to improve on key aspects of our site and individually tailor it to your needs. If you want to browse without cookies, this setting can be adjusted from the browser you use, and you can turn it on or off depending on your preferences.


Our site is designed and intended for adults of the ages 18 and over. The system we have in place tries to prevent children from being able to join or sign up. We will never knowingly store or process any data belonging to someone who is younger than the age of 18. If we do discover that we are holding information relating to someone younger than the age of 18, we will delete all data to conform to the data protection rights.

Changes to privacy

If we update our privacy policy, we will add any changes we make to this page. This ensures that you’re always up to date and we suggest you check back occasionally to see whether this has been changed or modified.